TCG Fakes Spoonology — An Image-Based TCG Set I'm Apparently Making. 44.6% Complete.

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    Once upon a time I was in need of some procrastination and decided to make myself my very own blanks. And since I had these blanks anyway I figured I might as well make a set, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing nowadays and I’m nothing if not a cool-kid-wannabe. This is that set.

    This isn't my first fake set, but it's the first one which is somewhat decent and perhaps more importantly it's my first image-based set. The blanks, the art and the cards themselves were all made by me, although of course I've drawn inspiration from various sources. I've drawn some insperation myself on the actual TCG for a lot of the attacks and a lot of art is based on the old sprites.

    If the blanks didn’t give it away, the era these cards are supposed to fit in is the e-cards era (because, as we all know, e-series is best-series), although once the set is complete it should be able to support a standalone metagame. The wording is also based on this era. I am however using British English and gender-neutral pronouns and the likes ('they' and 'their,' if Shakespeare could use them, I don't see why Pokémon shouldn't.)

    The art is almost exclusively my own, backgrounds and everything. It’s a combination of new stuff and old art I have lying around on my computer (like the #28 Kabutops and the #119 Paras (every set needs a Tomokazu Komiya, right?).) I’m even including some of the old Spoon art of yesteryear. The #104 Exeggcute and #60 Exeggutor are examples of this. The Supporter art uses silly cartoon trainer designs I made for some project which never really went anywhere.

    I tried to be as creative as possible when designing the set. This doesn't just mean creative moves and powers, but also allowing for creative deckbuilding and weird synergies. To goal is that every card will cause someone to think "hmmm, interesting, I could build a deck with this." I abhor useless cards, and have therefore tried to make every card at least decent. I have no idea what kind of metagame would arise out of this set, but I'm sure it would be an interesting one.

    The below cards are resized to 25% of the originals, which means that, yes, the originals are HUGE. The art itself is a bit larger than 1920x1200, so if you want a wallpaper or whatever based on any of the art, feel free to ask.

    Click here for a handy imgur album, which includes commentary.

    001 – Alakazam
    002 – Alakazam
    003 – Alakazam
    004 – Ampharos
    005 – Beedrill
    006 – Bellossom
    007 – Blissey
    008 – Butterfree
    009 – Chansey
    010 – Charizard
    011 – Clefairy
    012 – Cloyster
    013 – Dewgong
    014 – Ditto
    015 – Dodrio
    016 – Dragonite
    017 – Dugtrio
    018 – Electrode
    019 – Farfetch’d
    020 – Forretress
    021 – Gengar
    022 – Gengar
    023 – Golduck
    024 – Haunter
    025 – Hypno
    026 – Hypno
    027 – Kabutops
    028 – Kabutops
    029 – Magneton
    030 – Mew
    031 – Mew
    032 – Ninetales
    033 – Ninetales
    034 – Omastar
    035 – Parasect
    036 – Poliwrath
    037 – Porygon
    038 – Porygon 2
    039 – Rhydon
    040 – Slowking
    041 – Tangela
    042 – Tyranitar
    043 – Tyranitar
    044 – Venomoth
    045 – Victreebel
    046 – Victreebel
    047 – Vileplume
    048 – Wigglytuff

    049 – Arcanine
    050 – Beedrill
    051 – Butterfree
    052 – Charmeleon
    053 – Cloyster
    054 – Dewgong
    055 – Dodrio
    056 – Dragonair
    057 – Dugtrio
    058 – Electrode
    059 – Exeggutor
    060 – Exeggutor
    061 – Farfetch’d
    062 – Flaafly
    063 – Forretress
    064 – Gloom
    065 – Golduck
    066 – Haunter
    067 – Hypno
    068 – Jynx
    069 – Kabuto
    070 – Kadabra
    071 – Kadabra
    072 – Kangaskhan
    073 – Magneton
    074 – Metapod
    075 – Omanyte
    076 – Parasect
    077 – Parasect
    078 – Poliwhirl
    079 – Porygon2
    080 – Pupitar
    081 – Quagsire
    082 – Quagsire
    083 – Rhydon
    084 – Slowbro
    085 – Venomoth
    086 – Weepinbell
    087 – Weepinbell
    088 – Wigglytuff

    089 – Abra
    090 – Abra
    091 – Bellsprout
    092 – Bellsprout
    093 – Caterpie
    094 – Chansey
    095 – Charmander
    096 – Diglett
    097 – Diglett
    098 – Doduo
    099 – Doduo
    100 – Dratini
    101 – Drowzee
    102 – Drowzee
    103 – Exeggcute
    104 – Exeggcute
    105 – Gastly
    106 – Gastly
    107 – Growlithe
    108 – Igglybuff
    109 – Jigglypuff
    110 – Jigglypuff
    111 – Kabuto
    112 – Kakuna
    113 – Larvitar
    114 – Magnemite
    115 – Mareep
    116 – Oddish
    117 – Omanyte
    118 – Paras
    119 – Paras
    120 – Pineco
    121 – Poliwag
    122 – Porygon
    123 – Psyduck
    124 – Psyduck
    125 – Raticate
    126 – Rattata
    127 – Rhyhorn
    128 – Seel
    129 – Shellder
    130 – Shellder
    131 – Slowpoke
    132 – Slowpoke
    133 – Smoochum
    134 – Tangela
    135 – Venonat
    136 – Venonat
    137 – Voltorb
    138 – Voltorb
    139 – Vulpix
    140 – Weedle
    141 – Weedle
    142 – Wooper
    143 – Wooper

    144 – Bird Keeper
    145 – Bug Catcher
    146 – Burglar
    147 – Camper
    148 – Channeler
    149 – Cooltrainer
    150 – Cue Ball
    151 – Fieldworker
    152 – Fisherman
    153 – Gambler
    154 – Gentleman
    155 – Hiker
    156 – Juggler
    157 – Lass
    158 – Magician
    159 – Pokémon Breeder
    160 – Pokémon Nurse
    161 – Pokémon Tamer
    162 – Pokémon Trader
    163 – Psychic
    164 – Researcher
    165 – Scientist
    166 – Super Nerd
    167 – Swimmer
    168 – Teacher
    169 – Youngster

    170 – Clefairy Doll
    171 – Heavenly Spoon
    172 – Master Ball

    173 – Fighting TM X
    174 – Fire TM X
    175 – Gold Berry
    176 – Grass TM X
    177 – Great Ball
    178 – Lightning TM X
    179 – Miracle Berry
    180 – Psychic TM X
    181 – Quick Search
    182 – Super Potion
    183 – Water TM X

    184 – Bill’s Computer
    185 – Defender
    186 – Energy Search
    187 – EXP.ALL
    188 – Full Heal
    189 – Level Ball
    190 – Maintenance
    191 – Memory Berry
    192 – Multi TM X
    193 – Mysterious Fossil
    194 – Night Maintenance
    195 – PlusPower
    196 – Pokéball
    197 – Pokédex
    198 – Potion
    199 – Revive
    200 – Switch

    207 – Rainbow Energy
    208 – Darkness Energy
    209 – Double Colourless Energy
    210 – Metal Energy
    211 – Fighting Energy
    212 – Fire Energy
    213 – Grass Energy
    214 – Lightning Energy
    215 – Psychic Energy
    216 – Water Energy

    Secret Rares
    217/218 – Articuno
    219/220 – Moltres
    221/222 – Zapdos
    223 – Mew (quite silly)
    224 – Tragedey (very silly)

    More coming sometime in the future, possibly, maybe. Feel free to point out the inevitable mistakes and laugh incessantly.
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  2. Nod3 her majesty


    RE: Heavenly Spoons — A fake TCG set I'm apparently working on

    The attack name font needs to be 100% height and 90% width.

    Besides that, quite nice cards.

    Glad to see we're getting somewhere with image faking, pokebeach took you long enough
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    RE: Heavenly Spoons — A fake TCG set I'm apparently working on

    About time this happened, Spoon! I'm loving the remade Trainer art. Can't wait to see more.
  4. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
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    RE: Heavenly Spoons — A fake TCG set I'm apparently working on

    I've added a few new cards:
    - Rhydon, which is meant to establish a sort of disruption/discard/riptide archetype. It might be a bit too good, but it's a fun card so I whatever.
    The art is based on one of my all-time favourite sprites, the Rhydon from Pokémon Red and Green. The Mew is based on my other favourite Sprites, the Mew sprite from Pokémon Blue. There's probably a few more sprites I'll transform at some point or another.

    - A rare Electrode, which is meant to give easy and fast access to Energy for other Lightning Pokémon, although it could probably be used in a self-destruction chain, where one Electrode moves a bunch of Energies to another Electrode. I originally had the damage at 20x, but this probably would've made this strategy far too good, as well as making the card far too good in general.

    - An uncommon Electrode, which uses 2 moves I didn't invent for once. I've always like Chain Lightning, and Selfdestruct seemed like a no-brainer. It might not be as good as the other Electrode, but it could probably find its uses. They could probably fit in the same deck as well, since the other Electrode can quickly supply the necessary Energy for Selfdestruct.
    The art is also based on a sprite, the Electrode sprite from Pokémon Yellow. It's hard to be creative with Electrode art...

    - And a few new supporters: Fisherman, Psychic, Swimmer and my favourite of the bunch, Youngster.
    Psychic is based on Seer, which is how they translated the Japanese Psychic card. But Psychic sounds far better, so no seer for me.

    I sort of like the font width like this and I'm too lazy to change them now. My blanks, my font rules, I guess.

    And yeah, I heard the masses complaining about the dearth of image fakers, so I figured I might as well swoop in and save the day, being the noble and righteous hero that I am.
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    RE: Heavenly Spoons — A fake TCG set I'm apparently working on

    I really like this set. The cards are really creative but they also manage to fit in the e-card era, which is a difficult balance to achieve. I'm in love with the pre-evolution pictures on the evolved cards, awesome work!

    Is there a reason that the Youngster card has you shuffle your deck before drawing?
  6. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
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    RE: Heavenly Spoons — A fake TCG set I'm apparently working on

    It's a balancing thing. Youngster is probably a situational but very good drawer, so not being able to use it in conjunction with cards like Pokédex or whatever other cards put cards on top of your deck might help make it a tad less useful. I also don't really associate Youngsters will strategic planning, so I guess there's a thematic reason as well.

    And thanks!
  7. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
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    RE: Heavenly Spoons — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently working on

    A small update. I've added a few cards, mostly commons and energies:
    - Porygon, it might not be much of a 'Rare,' but it has a special place in my heart. The art on this card, horrible as it may be, was the very first piece of digital art I made from scratch. Former Super Mod Porygon put out a request for an avatar and I made this:
    This little image started a whole series of requests for avatars and before long half of Pokébeach had a horribly-drawn avatar made my yours truly.
    I'm having a lot of fun coming up with attack names for the Porygon line by combining buzzwords and computer terms. There's one more Porygon and Porygon 2 coming, so this isn't the last you'll see of them.

    - Exeggecute, based on the awesome Pokémon Red sprite. I figured I needed some fancier looking basics as well.

    - Wooper, talking about fancy looking basics... Another old spoon art card, the juxtaposition of a fancy background and simplistic art seemed like a fun thing to do.

    - And a whole bunch of Energy cards. There won't be any new Special Energy cards in this set (it was already becoming far too big), but because I want this set to support a complete metagame I needed basic Energy cards at least, so here they are.

    That's it. More updates coming whenever.
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    RE: Heavenly Spoons — An Image-based TCG Set I'm Apparently Working on

    Triple post! ... :(

    I've been steadily adding a card or 2 every day, and I'm running the risk of forgetting which ones I've already announced (especially since I keep updating the regular cards as well when I find mistakes). So here's another list of updates:

    - Tyranitar, using the Tyranitar I made for Godzilla's avatar. I tried to emulate Dark Tyranitar's background because the combination of this silly looking monstrosity and that epic background seemed too good to pass up. The card itself is pretty standard/boring. Destructive Terror might be pretty good, it might not be, I honestly haven't a clue. I'm usually pretty good at judging metagame value, but I feel this set will allow for some pretty fast decks, and even up to 40 damage on every Benched Pokémon and an almost guaranteed 2-hit KO on the active might not be good enough to offset the set-up required. And the only other Darkness card planned is another Tyranitar, so I won't really be able to add a Darkness engine of some sort.

    - Wigglytuff, I might be adding a bit too many silly cards, but whatever. The art is based on the Pokémon Red and Blue Wigglytuff, the background is what happens when I go way overboard with hearts and rainbows and pink stuff. The card itself is again pretty standard, but I like Do The Wave and I guess I couldn't help myself.

    - Porygon. The background is Glitch City, the attack is a pun. Not much else to say here, it’s meant to fit into the Porygon 2 deck archetype which resolves around Energy sharing and drawing. It’s a support basic rather than the rare Porygon which is meant as more of an offensive force.

    - Voltorb, because it's what evolves into Electrode. I have a more fun Voltorb planned, but this is the safer version, I guess. Works well in synergy with #18 Electrode. The art seemed like a good idea. Of course all the Pokéballs are looking up, why wouldn't they be?

    - Cooltrainer, I wanted to add a Wally's Training of sorts, but figured I'd need some sort of downside. Discarding deck cards before searching seemed like a fun way of going about this. This should at least make non-speed decks think twice before adding it, as they may not have too many redundancies. It also fit well thematically, Cooltrainers tend to have evolved Pokémon, and taking risks is what I think is generally considered 'cool'. Trust me, I'm an expert on 'cool'.

    - Fieldworker is also a card.

    - Clefairy Doll, I might change the art at some point. Having very rudimentary art seems like it would fit the card, but apparently I can't do perspective at all and I feel it looks a bit too plain at this point. The doll itself is probably fine, though. Clefairy Doll's inclusion shouldn't be a surprise, considering Hypno's Body. Cards like this can be pretty problematic, so I might include some sort of counter.

    - Energy Search, probably my most creative card in terms of effect yet. The art came out way better than I expected it would. I originally tried some very dark silos like the Expeditions version, but then I tried to copy the Majestic Dawn silos while still retaining the Expeditions elements and it all worked out far better than I could've hoped for.

    - Maintenance. I've always wondered why it took them so long to bring this card back. It's elegant and simple, why wouldn't they reprint it?

    - And finally Rainbow Energy, because a metagame without Rainbow Energy would be a sad one indeed.

    - Oh, and also a silly secret rare Mew I made. The other secret rares will be a lot less silly, but I felt I had to add the burning Mew with spoon and a secret rare seemed like the way to go. The Pokédex entry comes from one of my favourite fake cards in my possession. And yes, it’s definitely a fake. I know it’s difficult to see, but if you inspect the card in great detail you’ll notice some minor discrepancies between it and the other cards of that era. It actually predates the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver, so it featuring Typhlosion was a pretty big deal at the time.

    I’m at the quarterway point now (if you include the planned secret rares), so that’s pretty great. Of course, that includes the Energy cards, Supporter cards and cards I already made for the CaC contest, so the hard (but fun) stuff is still behind me. Expect some actually interesting cards next update, probably. If you can't wait that long, I'm constantly adding cards, so if it's been a few days the imgur album will probably contain a few new cards.

    TL;DR: cards, new ones, click the blue text or check the imgur album.
  9. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

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    RE: Spoonology — An Image-based TCG Set I'm Apparently Working on

    More updates! ... Guess I’ll have to quadruple post...

    - The first major update is of course the name. Heavenly Spoons was always meant as a placeholder, especially since the e-series only had 1-word set names. I’ve settled on Spoonology, silly as it may sound, because the defining elements of this set seem to be Psychic types, Spoons, Science and technology. If someone has a better suggestion I might change it, though.

    - I’ve created new art for the #001 Alakazam with the Heavenly Spoons Poké-Power, since the previous art wasn’t as fitting (you could barely see one of the spoons!). I’ve also turned the art into the official set wallpaper, so feel free to use that as you wallpaper at home, at work, and as actual wallpaper.

    - The art previously used for #001 Alakazam is now being used by #003 Alakazam (yes, of course there are 3 Alakazam, it’s called Spoonology). This card is of course meant to be combined with other Psychic types such as Hypno or Mew (and perhaps a few other strategies I haven’t come up with yet).

    - There’s also a new Jigglypuff! It’s holding a Heavenly Spoon, so of course it’s an awesome card which would fit in pretty much every deck. I've always liked the Uxie-era, when Uxie LM was the go-to card in every deck. Of course Jigglypuff isn't as good, but it's still a viable support Pokémon.

    - I've also added a Dodrio. It’s not very interesting, but I guess it might have its uses. There’ll be a fun Doduo to compliment it, though.

    - A happy Bellsprout has also been added.

    - ... And a sad Metapod. I liked the idea of having a conflicting power and body. Metapod doesn't seem too happy with it, though. I'm trying to do some more manual art because it's quicker and easier in a lot of cases. Metapod was my first try, and it came out far better than I would've expected it to.

    - I also made the other Tyranitar, featuring a far less successful attempt at hand-drawn art. I might change it at some point but probably won’t. Nothing interesting I guess, it’s a powerful card and will probably be the only card in the set with 3 attacks (it’s sort of a Tyranitar thing).

    - Other new hand-drawn Pokémon are a boring Diglett and a weird-looking Haunter. Nothing much to say about these 2. There’s still a Haunter and a Diglett coming with more interesting characteristics which might make them usable in other decks, but perhaps less desirable if they’re needed for your main evolutionary line. The art on these is also pretty bad but I guess Tomokazu would be proud so whatever.

    - The only new Trainer this time is Bill’s Computer, which is meant to be a near-universal drawer. I wanted to reintroduce Bill, but didn’t want to break the unwritten rule that Trainer cards can’t increase your hand size, so this is what I came up with. 4 in every deck, no questions asked.

    - And finally I’ve added Darkness and Metal Energy, completing the Energy list. These of course use the awesome old effects and not the boring newer effects, although Darkness does apply before weakness and resistance.

    I find myself adding more and more metagame cards and less individually interesting cards. There are still quite a few cards on the way for which I’d probably be able to come up with a creative effect, but I guess my main goal has here is quite a bit different than what it is in the Create-a-Card contests (well-rounded metagame instead of individually creative cards). One symptom of this, which will be apparent as more basics are added, is that I’m adding a lot of cards with effects which activate when played (like Jigglypuff), but unlike the Uxies, Crobats SP and Unowns of yore they’d be part of an evolutionary line, which would allow for a more tech-rich metagame. It’s not unthinkable, for example, that a deck would add a Jigglypuff for draw support and then a Wigglytuff as a tech to quickly take out a Pokémon with resistance, rather than just building an all-out Do the Wave deck. Having usable Basics is one of my primary goals here. I guess I’ve prioritised diversity over novelty, although I promise there will still be quite a few novel cards.

    As always, check the imgur album for the complete set. I've now added commentary to almost every card as well!

    ... Posting 5 times in a row might be a bit much, so if I don’t see any responses I’m just going to assume nobody’s interested, right? I think a lack of active interest might be why faking on the ‘Beach has allegedly died down. Please, criticise me!
  10. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    RE: Spoonology — An Image-based TCG Set I'm Apparently Working on

    The set name is wonderful, and the logo you made is quite fitting!

    I'm loving the different styles of art you're using. It's a great mix of what I think is the "Classic Spoon" with some styles I've never seen you use before. In particular, I think the sketchy look of Metapod has turned out wonderfully! Following the art-based-on-sprite trend, Haunter is another cool one.

    You have a deep, deep knowledge of the TCG. It shows, and I envy you for it. I apologize for the lack of comments on my end; I'm afraid my critiques wouldn't get much deeper than the aesthetics (which are wonderful), and some wording errors ("Active" should be capitalized in Dodrio's power), but I'd do my best to remedy that in the future.

    "The fire is comes form the back!"
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  11. BigfootAUS Game Dev & VR Consultant / Trainer


    RE: Spoonology — An Image-based TCG Set I'm Apparently Working on

    It'll be hard for you to get feedback/responses when you:
    - are near-perfect with those cards already
    - don't embed them. People have to leave PokeBeach to view them, which deters discussion. It's a weird thing, I know, but it does have an subtle impact. At the very least, I'd suggest embedding new cards in your update posts so that your OP still acts as a hyperlink index of sorts.

    As CMP said, it's hard to give you feedback on stuff other than aesthetics. I'd like to see you explore some new art styles and challenge yourself with some more complex artworks. That sorta sketchy style on Metapod and Tyranitar is good, I wanna see more of that!
  12. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

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    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 29.9% complete.

    A rather big update, since I haven't updated this thread in a while. This update actually includes a few pretty original cards, as well as some of the better cards in the set. It includes 20 (20!) new cards, but 6 of them are TMs so it's not that special. I'm taking bigfootaus' suggestion and embedding the images, so the following post will be quite big. Beware!

    First of all, I've completed the Porygon line:
    This is the card which ties everything together. Using the other Porygon2's body and some Rainbow Energies it might spread some considerable damage. However, the set-up required for all this might be a bit too long, which is why I decided to give it a very useful Poké-Power as well.

    I've also complete the Dugtrio line by adding 2 new Dugtrio and a new Diglett
    Possibly a very potent tech. However, unlike the very similar Crobat SP it lacks a useful attacking move and of course the invaluable support of the SP cards, most noticeably Poké Turn. Its HP is also very low, which makes it a very vulnerable snipe target. It is however possible to evolve it, so it does have an edge there.

    The art is based on the Pokémon Red and Blue sprite. It originally had the frowny eyes, but it looks way cuter this way so I dropped them.
    I love the idea of having an army of Dugtrio so one can actually use Magnitude to accomplish something decent for once. It also works as a protection against an opponent's spread attacks.

    This Dugtrio is not a main attacker like its big brother, but it serves as an adequate locking card and a useful tech in decks which use Diglett as a quick damaging card. The Body is of course a variation on the standard Sinkhole Poké-Body introduced in Base Set.

    A third newly introduced and yet already complete line is the Magneton line. These might be the most important Pokémon in the set.
    Another in the long line of play-to-do-something basics, and perhaps one of the best. I tried to make Lightning as much about discarding and attaching Energy as I could. This card can of course be useful in a lot of non-L decks as well, especially if they want to go for speed. However, the set-up required isn't minimal, considering you'd need an L Energy in the discard (which isn't tremendously easy in a non-L deck).
    Considering how good its evolutions are, this card would probably find its way into many a deck.

    The art is of course based on magnetic field lines. I was going to 3Dify the art, but it looked kind of neat all flat and ungradianted, so I decided to just keep it this way.

    I've got a sort of Power Plant theme going with the Poké-Powers for Magneton and Magnemite.
    This card's power might not seem like much, but it allows for an extra Energy attach in combination with the other Magneton. This card is probably the best focussed sniper in the set as well, considering L decks can get a pretty quick charge using the Magneton combo, Magnemite and even Electrode.

    The art is based on the old Pokémon Red and Green sprite. The background is what happens when I have no idea what kind of background to add...

    One of the most important cards in the set. It allows you to freely attach an Energy with Magneton, to freely switch with Dodrio, to freely draw cards with Porygon, and many more things yet to be introduced.
    I wanted to add a recharging Magneton, but having it recharge attacks would probably be broken. So I decided to have it recharge powers and make it one of the most potent techs in the set. I didn't make it a rare because I felt it was too essential a card and because on its own it's pretty much useless, while most rares are at least capable of supporting themselves.

    The card in general is roughly based on Base Set Chansey, with its 120 HP and 4-Energy attack. The power seemed like a neat idea and it might actually give Potion some serious uses. Imagine an army of these healing 60HP/Potion.

    I had to add the caveat that Ditto does not have the same name because otherwise some card would easily become broken. It should still have its uses, though. The wording on this one was a bit hard, but I think I did an adequate job of making everything as clear as I could.

    Jiggly's been my main in every single Smash game, but especially in Melee. Not only is Melee the best game in the series, but Jigglypuff's pretty good in it as well, holding her own amongst the very best characters. The pose here is obviously an homage to Jiggs' bread and butter, her massively disjounted bair (the full hitbox goes outside the picture frame). The second attack's name is based on perhaps the most famous of Jiggly techniques, the Wall of Pain. I wasn't sure picking such an unrelated attack name was such a good idea (I originally had Aerial Kick), but it's my set and my set has to have a Wall of Pain Jigglypuff. The effect of the attack is based on the Smash mechanics, where more damage equals a higher likelihood of getting knocked off.
    The damage output is quite high because I wanted it to be some sort of counterpart to Erika's Jigglypuff, which was also able to donk quite well back in the day, but required no damage counters (and preferably a PlusPower).
    The first attack is based on the GBC promo Jigglypuff's. It's of course meant almost purely as Do The Wave fuel. I didn't want to go too overboard with the smash references, so a nice song-based attack seemed fitting enough.
    The dex entry comes not from the main series but from the adventure mode trophy description from Melee.

    This thing has some freaky proportions and I'm glad I only decided to make 1 Pupitar card.
    The second attack was originally meant for a Tyranitar, but I felt it would both be underpowered and too abusable. The attack requiring more Energy than its evolutions can use (except for Grind) seemed like it would be fun. I guess it can be combined with the Rare Dugtrio for a somewhat potent standalone deck. Being an unevolved Pokémon doesn't have to make it absolutely useless as a main attacker.

    I've also added a few TMs. I won't bore you with all the pictures, so here's just 2:
    I made some changes to the TMs. First of all: no discard, because that was stupid.
    Second of all I decided not to make them cubes because I don't know how perspective works (see: Clefairy Doll). I didn't want to make them disks either, because that would just be boring. They used floppy-like things in Pokémon Origins, and floppies are awesome, so floppy disks it was. All TMs use essentially the same design, mainly because I'm lazy, but also because I'm incredibly lazy.
    The other TMs are Fighting TM X, which might be useful in combination with Sinkholes Dugtrio; Grass TM X, which grants access to accelerated Energy attachment (a staple for Grass cards); Lightning TM X, which might be fun in combination with the Magneton engine; and Water TM X, a quick but unreliable attack.

    I've also added PlusPower and Defender.
    Not much to say about these.

    And last but not least I've added a Fakemon as a secret rare (I hear it's the cool thing to do):
    It's a Fakemon I designed ages ago for a project which was never completed. Its design has remained unchanged since that faithful day I decided to draw the silliest dragon-thing I could muster (it was named Unluckey back then, though). I wanted to include one of my many Fakemon, and Tragedey here seemed like an obvious choice. The card isn't that special, although if I ever add Recycle Energy to a future set it might become a formidable force, bordering on broken even.

    That's it, apologies for the long post. Any feedback is appreciated.
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  13. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 40.1% complete.

    I'm loving the Fakemon card -- especially the 'dex description!

    As always, Spoon, the cards are top-notch. A few things I've caught...
    • I believe Diglett's Poké-Power should read, "When you play Diglett from your hand onto your Bench..."
    • In Aftershocks Dugtrio (loving the simplistic shading), the "(even if Dugtrio is Knocked Out)" needs to be italicized. It also repeats it also repeats "and is damaged."
    • Sinkhole Dugtrio's Poké-Body mistakingly says "1 damage counters."
    • Like Diglett's Poké-Power, I believe Magnemite's needs to start with, "When you play Magnemite from your hand onto your Bench..." Additionally, "discard pile" is spelled "discarp."
    • Chasey's Superior Medical Care spells out "one" instead of using the number.
    • In Fire TM X, the Fire-type symbol in the attack seems a few pixels too low.
    • Fighting TM X's name is Fire TM X and is missing the Fighting-type symbol in the rule.
    • Did you mean for Grass TM X's attack to only provide Energy to Bulbasaur, or any [G] Pokémon?
    Looking forward to the next batch!
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  14. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 40.1% complete.

    Thanks for the corrections! They should all be fixed now. I really rushed those TMs, apparently ._.

    They changed the wording on the newer cards, but I believe 'put' is correct for the e-series, whose wording I'm approximating. Tauros CG uses this wording.
  15. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 40.1% complete.

    No problem... You've helped me out so many times I need to return the favor somehow!

    As far as I'm aware, the wording for the e-series is still pretty similar to Classic-Neo, but I actually modified the wording from Arcanine SK/Gengar SK to include "onto your Bench" instead of "to evolve of your Active Pokémon."
  16. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 40.1% complete.

    I think the big difference here is that they're being 'played' to evolve a Pokémon, and not 'put' on the Bench. They apparently unified the wording in later sets, but even cards like Uxie LA use the 'put' rule, so I assume that's what all basics use. I don't think there are any 'put' basics in the e-series, so I can only assume they'd use the same wording.
  17. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 40.1% complete.

    I see where you're coming from. From what I can tell, the wording is all over the place and it's hard to keep everything straight (BW/XY use "When you play ____ from your hand onto your Bench"). Since it doesn't appear there were any Basics that utilized such a mechanic (first turn on Bench) until the ex-series, I guess it's best to use that as a guide.

    Carry on.
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  18. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Spoonology — An image-based TCG set I'm apparently making. 40.1% complete.

    *Sigh* Reminds me of the e-Card series. I have almost all of those cards.
  19. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    Haven't updated in a while, quite frankly because I haven't had much to show. I have around 20 unfinished blanks, most of them simply lacking a picture. But that's unfortunately the hardest part of making this set. I did manage to actually finish a few cards. They're not that special, but I've been fixing the odd mistakes and it's hard to keep track of which cards are new or not, so this is really more for my own benefit. So without further ado:


    I really don't like Blissey as a Pokémon. I rushed the art for this one and honestly couldn't care less. If it weren't for the fact that I came up with a good Power for it which would've been too good for Chansey I might've left it out all together... Anyhow, the power might be broken, even with the restrictions. In combination with Magneton it heals 30/turn for free, which means that with a secondary healing source one could potentially heal most if not all damage done by your opponent each turn.


    The second Wigglytuff! Nothing special about it, really. I wanted to do a Wigglytuff card combining common elements. I first had a power which removed just 1 Special Condition, and Expand as an attack, but then I realised that was basically Wigglytuff FL...


    This card completes the Electrode line. I wanted to do a comic book kind of background, with different explosion sound effects in the background. I of course started with BOOM!, realised I could replace an 0 with Voltorb, and here we are.
    The Body seemed like a neat idea, and contrasts nicely with the other Voltorb, which is all about set-ups.


    Standard Gastly stuff.


    If you didn't follow Twitch Plays Pokémon this card might seem a bit weird. If you have, well then I doubt this needs any explanation. Basically, the Helix Fossil somehow became worshipped, and when it was revived people obviously started obsessing. I figured I might as well include an homage to the whole event. For the art, I wanted to try and turn the ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ praise emoticon into an Omanyte, and I think succeeded quite well.

    I really like the Power, it sort of embodies the randomness of Anarchy, and suddenly drawing a Switch or Scientist or something would be quite fun/disastrous. The attack name was originally just "Torrential Downpour," but that turned out to be a bit too long, so I started coming up with alternatives for "Downpour." Once I hit upon Drizzle I realised there was no turning back, it was too perfectly paradoxical. The idea behind the effect itself that it's sort of like good old rain dance, but which is then followed by a flood.


    I needed to make a new Mysterious Fossil if I wanted the "evolves from ..." image to not look too out of place, so here it is.

    One new supporter this time:


    Roseanne's Research is one of my favourite set-up supporters, since it can make up for pretty much any bad start and jump-start a deck, but it won't allow for any crazy shenanigans. It's simple and effective, and I figured it deserved a place in this set.

    I'm not too pleased with the background, and might change it if I ever come up with a better one.

    Because backgrounds are the hardest part of cards, and it's becoming harder and harder to come up with new ones, I've decided to use some pictures I took over the years as backgrounds. It's a lazy cop-out, but it does save me an hour or more of work and doesn't drain my creativity. Here are currently the only 2 cards using these backgrounds:


    Tangela art is confusing. The power is based on Tangela FL's Tease Vine. I wanted a prize-replace Pokémon, but didn't want to go the easy route (e.g. Azelf). Tangela FL came to mind, and it all seemed to fall into place after that. I might still add a simpler price-searcher, but this one might have some benefits which aren't immediately obvious, since it gives you the power of deciding when you get certain prize cards.


    The art is roughly based on the old Pokémon Red and Blue sprite. There's not much else to say. They's a more interesting Kabuto still in the making, this one's the boring common one.

    Reminding you of the e-series shouldn't be a surprise. There is a passing resemblance.
    I don't have nearly as many cards of that era as I'd like. It's a shame Skyridge went out of print so fast and VS was never released in English. I do love the era, though, and up until I quit the TCG, every Switch and other compatible card in my decks was always the e-series version of that card, and my Energies were the VS-series ones if I had them. They always seemed so fancy, even next to everyone else's shiny Energy cards.
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  20. Nekoban Ryo Schizoid Manchild
    Nekoban Ryo


    Sorry for not commenting before, but I love these so much! They're a bit simplistic in terms of aesthetics, but really good quality and crisp. The illustrations are really fun to look at and show a lot of personality. Can't wait to see more!

    Good luck on completing the set!
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