Special Pokemon TCG English Set Releasing in January, Likely Featuring Shiny Pokemon!

tbh, it's not a bad opportunity to update the sourcing approach? I think there have been times you'll mention in an article you're sharing information revealed from, for example, a Japanese Youtube video, and the article won't have a link to the video in question. In cases like this, I know you mentioned it's an exclusive reveal, but that doesn't necessarily tell us what your source is – is it a tip from TPCI you can't reveal? Is it information via a sell sheet you maybe can't tell how you got, but can show the sell sheet? etc.

"Source?" is a fair question that even people who've been browsing your site for over a decade wouldn't mind seeing answered sometimes :)
I'm hazarding a guess here and its just very, very obvious this was going to be a thing. Like it has been for like what? The last 4-5 years? Like who didn't knew it was going to happen?
As long as I get a shiny IAR Quick Search Pidgeot ex, I'd be happy. I also hope someone other than Jerky draws it.
Maybe Quagsire V will finally arrive
Extremely unlikely. No sense in releasing a V card in a Scarlet & Violet set. If Quagsire V ever gets released in english it will be a promo (like they did for gold PikaRom/ReshiZard).