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TPCi UK has announced a new pop-up experience that will tour across select cities in the UK, France, and Germany between November and December.


Fans will be able to go to “Poké Post” pop-up locations to mail a free Pokemon TCG gift pack to a friend or family member. The gift pack will contain a Pikachu or Eevee promo card and a Pokemon TCG Fun Pack. The promos will feature an exclusive “Pokemon Together” stamp.





The gift packs can only be mailed to mainland UK, Metropolitan France, and domestic Germany.
Fans who participate will also receive their own gift pack. So not only do you get one, but you get to...

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This is really cute! But I 100% expect no kids to be able to have their picture taken with the Pikachu and Eevee mascots because they refuse to learn that these things are going to be overrun with scalpers if they don't put some kind of system in to stop that from happening


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I am relieved that france and germany are included. Maybe we can slowly widen TPCIs definition of "europe" and get more countries in bit by bit.
I wont attend despite Bochum not being far away, cause
a) this event was not meant for my demographic, and whilst I know a scalper will most likely grab half the stock anyway, I still hope maybe one kid more can participate if I just dont go. I remember in 1999 when the pikachu busses rolled around germany. That event wouldnt have been a quarter as fun and magical, if scalpers had blocked the busses for early footage of the game or to grab away the prices they gave out.
b) at this point I refuse to stress myself over pretty colored printer paper. Its not even proper cardboard anymore.