Special English “Scarlet & Violet” 6.5 Set to Release in August!

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We can exclusively reveal a special Scarlet & Violet 6.5 set will release in English on August 2nd!
The set will follow SV6 Twilight Masquerade on May 24th and precede our SV7 set in September.
The first wave of 6.5 products will include:

An Elite Trainer Box with nine booster packs, a promo card, and the usual accessories.
A new “Illustration Rare Collection” with four booster packs, three promo cards, and a code card.
Two “ex Special Collections” with five booster packs, three promo cards, and a code card.
3-Pack Blisters with a promo card.
Mini Tins with two booster packs, a sticker sheet, and an art card.

Like all special sets, booster packs of the set will not be sold individually. They will only be available through special products like the ones above.

What could our English set include? It’s time to speculate! There seem to be two theoretical possibilities...

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Well that explains where the 2 other ARs from Twilight Masquerade are going (including Ogerpon in the ETB) lol--

This feels so weird though, I have a bad feeling this special set is literally gonna be the leftover Battle Academy cards plus whatever other Japanese promos we still haven't gotten, which would be super underwhelming tbh?
From what I've seen so far, if this set DOES focus on Dragon type Pokémon, then I can't wait to see the Jangmo-o evolution, and a Dragon type Kingdra card. Haven't had the latter since the XY Series.
Well called it set on aug 2nd but I waa thinking a main set, so now questioning when is the next main set after mays set?
For five minutes… could TPCi not print a special set? FOR FIVE MINUTES!

Seriously. I‘m really getting tired of these buyer-unfriendly, scalper-enticing special sets.
ugh why are we permanently on the six sets per year timeline now
Because TPCi can’t really adapt to the way the TCG is released in Japan while the sell-outs of Generations, Hidden Fates, and Celebrations products have taught them that releasing special sets is guaranteed profits.
I've never actually seen the Dragon Frontiers Set before, but whoever designed the cover was... interesting...

I mean seriously, only 2 of those are dragons, and their mouths take up 3/4 of their faces in most of them!
With Dragons Exalted being 2012 and Dragon Majesty being 2018, if this is indeed a Dragon-themed mini set then they'll all be 6 years apart.

(Can't believe Dragon Majesty is going to turn 6 soon -.-)

Also this set is being released on my Bday yay lol. Only other set released on this date was Unified Minds.