Collecting Special Delivery Pikachu only ever released in North America! Any other cards released in this way?


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You know how a lot of people are frustrated that America never gets any Pokémon card that hasn't released in Japan, but that Japan and other countries outside of America get Pokémon cards that never appear in the U.S.? I just realized that the Special Delivery Pikachu promo was only available in the U.S. and Canada (hey, the only reason we got the card in the first place was because Canada had received support by the Pokémon Center website!), which makes me wonder; have any other cards released only in the U.S. (or Canada or Mexico)? Not counting cards like the "Thank You" or "GameStop/ETB Games" promos or cards with exclusive holosheets.
I hope knowing that we got at least one card that Japan never got will cause people to realize that the USA hasn't been completely neglected after all. I understand that a lot of people feel sore about some card or another that never made it over into the States and that many people hold the firm belief that TPCI never does anything right and that only Japan gets nice things.