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Those who redeemed their code for Special Delivery Bidoof are beginning to receive the promo in their Pokemon Center shipments. Thanks goes to @ann0y1ngd0g for sending us her photo!


We haven’t seen anyone receive codes since Pokemon Center’s first wave of e-mails. I contacted them this morning and received this automated response:

Q: Hi, have you finished sending out the codes for Special Delivery Bidoof? Or are there more waves of e-mails going out with the code? Thank you!
A: We are sorry to hear that you haven’t yet received an email with a code for the Special Delivery Bidoof promotion. The codes are being sent in waves so you may still receive it. Thank you for your patience.

They didn’t say they were finished sending the codes, so it sounds like additional waves are just going to take more...

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I probably spend a couple hundred at Pokémon Center monthly and didn’t even know about the card until reading about it here.

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Thinking about it, we dont have many european exclusive cards. DP54 and DP55 comes to mind, but thats about it.
IIRC there’s also the 3-pack blister promos from the late BW era. I know Plasma Landorus, Psyscan Mew, and the holo version of Riolu BW33 are ones that come to mind.