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Standard Soaring Storm


Aspiring Trainer
The purpose of this build is to use two of the Soaring Storm plus a couple of upgrades to make a coherent deck but on a budget.

4 Dratini
1 Dragonair
2 Dragonite (Unified Minds)
1 Dragonite (Team Up)
1 Dragonite GX (Unified Minds or Dragon's Majesty)
2 Swablu
2 Altaria
1 Ditto Prism Star
1 Pidgey
2 Pidgeotto

4 Cynthia
3 Lillie
2 Tate and Liza
1 Lance Prism Star
2 Brock's Grit

4 Pokemon Communication
2 PokeNav
4 Rare Candy
2 Order Pad or Bill's Analysis or Volkner
4 Mysterious Treasure
2 Switch

8 Water
5 Lightning


Aspiring Trainer
4 Dratini
1 Dragonair
3 Dragonite (UNM)
2 Dragonite-GX (UNM)
3 Pidgey
3 Pidgeotto
1 Frost Rotom
Ditto Prism Star

4 Lillie
3 Professor Elm's Lecture
2 Volkner
1 Lady
1 Fisherman
Lance Prism Star

4 Rare Candy
4 Mysterious Treasure
4 PokeGear 3.0
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Power Plant

7 Water Energy
6 Lightning Energy


This would be my take on your idea.

Frost Rotom is a direct answer to the current Fire predominance that can be charged up in one turn and costs cents anywhere you can find it. Altaria line isn't needed because it doesn't create any numbers you might want to hit (130 with BabyNite, 270 with BigNite). TUP Nite would lower your chances of getting two UNM Nite in play, which is mandatory. UNM BigNite is superior to DRM BigNite in every possible way and doesn't break any budget plans that include one already.

Lillie is much preferred to Cynthia in decks that require Rare Candy and you have Pidgeotto to rush through stuff as well, freeing up space for other Supporters to help with setup. Speaking of setup, Professor Elm is your alternate T1 opening to put down Dratini and Pidgey ready to evolve so things get going. Lady for mid-game explosion and Fisherman for late-game finishers are both superior options to Brock's Grit, since you need energy in hand and 4 is the magical number with two UNM Nite in play.

PokeGear is essential here, you have to hit the ideal Supporter every turn. PokeComm doesn't need to be maxed out, since you have Mysterious Treasure. Power Plant because you need to fight stadium wars, even if to lose them. Viridian Forest is an alternative, but discarding should be very hard already.

With a slightly bigger budget, I'd consider Keldeo GX in here. 1 Nite and turn attachment charges it up in one turn, overcoming one of its biggest weaknesses.