SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!


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Brock isn't containing his power level, that's for sure. Brock the Rock.


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I really like this art. Really like the Evolutions one tho too. Probably would play the Evolutions art if I ever used this in a deck.


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I actually really like the new regular art better than all the others! I'll be fishing for them reverse rares~


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I forgot to say this earlier but....YEAH! Pokemon Communication and Brock's Grit are back! There, i said it. Now, the new FA Brock's Grit is a supporter that looks awesome and befitting of the Rock Hard Gym Leader. I am going to get it when the next set comes out

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What's everyones thoughts on the Dragonite?? Great ability obviously, but stage 2 is rough. I ask because I'm currently working on a decklist for Nidoqueen/Nidoking/Malamar. I want to put Dragonite in for drawing supporters instead of Tapu Lele because I don't want a GX in there to give up 2 prize cards. Here's where my list is currently at. Obviously it's not perfect but what are your thoughts?

Pokemon (19)
Nidoran F x3
Nidoran M x2
Nidorina x2
Nidorino x1
Nidoqueen x3
Nidoking x2
Inkay x2
Malamar x2
Dratini x1
Dragonite x1

Trainers (27)
Cynthia x4
Lillie x1
Sightseer x2
Guzma x2
Prof Elm x3
Mysterious Treasure x4
Ultra Ball x2 (considering Timer Ball instead)
Altar of the Moon x3
Rare Candy x4
Rescue Stretcher x2

Energy (14)
Psychic Energy x10
DCE x4

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