SM7a 'Fairy Rise' Announced!

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Vespiquen looks decent to be honest with Lurantis on the bench and Choice Band attached. Combee even allows the deck to set up a little faster. Net Ball looks decent too. A nice addition to the Grass search arsenal.


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Combee - Water Duplicates on a Basic. Only complaint is the pitiful HP. ●●●●○

Vespiquen - Pretty awkward, but that's a lot of damage considering we have Lurantis to boost it, and Parallel is rotating. A big problem for it though is if it ever becomes a serious threat, people can just tech Sudowoodo and wall it. ●●●○○

Net Ball - It's better than Nest Ball for grass types, but having to bench it and being able to search for an energy are pretty pointless right now, but maybe there will be a use in the future? Right now, it's just nest ball but technically better for grass decks. ●●●○○


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Actually not bad with Parallel out of the format. This could be a really good deck with Lurantis Promo and (maybe) Leafeon.


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Looks like fun if there's another grass support Pokémon in the set. Right now all we have is Flippety Flap Shaymin and Sunny Day Lurantis to help beef it, but that's perhaps not enough, even though 3 Lurantis + Choice band is 190 which could be pretty nice (but difficult to do, especially in an Evosoda-less format).

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It would've been awesome if Net Ball read "G or W Pokémon" like I thought it would, so it could pair with Unit Energy and make some very interesting things.
Vespiquen and Combee? Eh.


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Definitely your poor man's League Cup pick. If you don't have access to Lele, (which should no longer be a problem), this deck would be right for you. I actually like the cards themselves and Net Ball is a very good card. I think VirGen players (whichever few there are left) in Expanded will rejoice. Pack a few of these in there and you no longer need to worry about discarding precious resources while helping you pull off that T1 Emerald Slash.

Whoa, this actually sounds kinda fun.


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I don't know what you all are taking about. I see potential. Single energy, one prize stage 2 two shotting everything im the format. Lurantis promo with choice band one shots leles. It could be a decent partner for decidueye for a fun deck. I'd play the stadium that eleminates bench damage, maybe some bbdumbelss for Zoroark.


Omfg Vespiquen is back...and it's just ok.

Net Ball is objectively good but I personally hate type exclusive search cards that have no discard requirements, as I think they are low-key broken.

EDIT: Nvm it only searches for a basic, so that makes it a lot more balanced, almost to the point of being useless, since there is this thing called Nest Ball. In Standard, it could be played in VikaBulu though, as it searches either Bulu or a grass energy in case you whiff one of them.
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Vespiquen with Shiftry could be a very good deck, with full bench and without parallel in format.

Net ball for Vika-Bulu deck will be necessary think of the rotation of heavy ball,


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1. Dunsparce can completely go turn one, just take second. Or is that considered second turn. Either way, your opponent can’t attack, therefore allowing you to use dunsparce safely.
2. The problem with that is you’re suggesting that zoroark is the only deck that will be using that. Zoroark might be using Bridgette most, but lots of other decks use it in general. Plus, rarely is zoroark run alone. Tord Reklev was the first person to run it by itself and get a high placing. Overall, most zoroark variants, like zoroark garbodor and zoroark golisopod are forced to run basic energy to charge their main attackers, and this energy can be put on dunsparce.
3. It says you MAY switch dunsparce out. Not that you have to. Honestly, just using the attack and then letting it get KOd is fine, as that saves your zorua a turn.
4. Why are you assuming Latios? Their are good counters arriving soon that should replace the current ones.
5. Half the time, you have trouble setting up your buzzwole counter, and in most situations you are forced to fight with your main attackers.

1. Buzzwole already has an advantage, if they went first, and you are using your first attacking turn to grab basics that need to evolve.
Buzzwole only needs 1 energy. That's it. No evolutions.
You can have 2 Buzzwole "set-up" on turn 2.
Don't forget, Brooklet allows you to grab Diancie and other Buzzwole.
2. That's not the problem, as that's the topic we were on; Buzzwole staying relevant, because it beats Zoroark-GX
Also, Zoroark tends to run 3-4 non DCEnergy, whereas Buzzwole runs 8-10.
This means, objectively, Buzzwole attacking turn one is far more likely than you attacking turn one.
and remember, no Puzzle of Time to get the Energy back, so DCE on Dunsparce is scary.
3. So: First attacking Turn + attachment for the turn + giving a prize card, is better than Brigette...?
What are you saving Zorua from? Is this admitting that Buzzwole still has early game pressure?
4. Because Latios is currently being run, and will still be standard post-rotation.
Try not to be defensive; things like Deoxys still don't OHKO.
and even if you did knock out a GX, baby Buzz OHKOs for one energy.
Again, there is a reason why the deck was hyped up, and why Psychic techs became common.​

5. Not sure how this goes against my argument. This seems more like you're agreeing with me.

Sorry, you don't seem to understand the flaws of the cards you're representing...
and as such, it's just resulting in circle talk.

See you at the tables.