SM11b 'Dream League,' Japan's August Set!


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"Could we also see a Dragon-type Reshiram & Zekrom-GX?"

Please god, no! Good or bad, Charizard=all-the-$$$


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I'd say that Solg/Luna and Reshiram/Zekrom TTGX are probably a shoe in, but these are the legendaries from gen 5 that still need GXs:

  • Terrakion
  • (Black) Kyurem
  • Landorus
  • Meloetta
I would hope that at least ONE of these get the GX treatment in this set, but knowing Sun and Moon era Pokemon, good luck even getting one of those.


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Landorus and especially Kyurem get enough attention, I'm just fine if they're skipped here.

Entirely joking here but since there are four copies of TTGX usually, they should make Sawsbuck & Sawsbuck GX and swap out the seasonal forms so that each version of the card has a different pair of seasons. /s

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The only Cards that I want is
  • Rayquaza Holo Rare (Dragon Type)
  • Haxorous GX (Dragon Type)
  • Druddigon GX (Dragon Type)
  • Hydregion GX (Dragon Type)
  • Terrakion GX (Fighting Type)
  • Reshiram Holo Rare (Dragon Type)
  • Reshiram GX (Dragon Type)
  • Zekrom GX (Dragon Type)
  • Reshiram & Zekrom GX TAG TEAM (Dragon Type)
  • Landorus GX (Fighting Type)
  • Kyurem GX (Dragon Type or Water Type)
  • Turtonator GX (Dragon Type)
  • Solgaleo & Lunala GX TAG TEAM (Psychic Type)
  • Guzzlord GX (Dragon Type)
  • Guzzlord & Naganadel GX TAG TEAM (Dragon Type)
  • Mew Prism Star (Psychic Type)
  • Mewtwo Prism Star (Psychic Type)
  • Necrozma Prism Star (Psychic Type)
  • Articuno Prism Star (Water Type)
  • Zapdos Prism Star (Electric Type)
  • Moltres Prism Star (Fire Type)
  • Silvally Prism Star (Colorless Type)
  • Guzzlord GX (Dragon Type)
  • Buzzwole Holo Rare (Fighting Type)
  • Xurkitree Holo Rare (Electric Type)
  • Guzzlord Holo Rare (Dragon Type)
  • Naganadel Holo Rare (Dragon Type)
  • Stakataka Holo Rare (Metal Type)
  • Blacephalon Holo Rare (Fire Type)

Please God can we have these cards in the set​
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It would be really cool to see a Tag Team of Reshiram and Zekrom but I don’t think it will happen because they both had their separate Tag Teams. (I’m using reverse psychology. Is it working?)


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N’s zekrom and reshiram tag team gx and lillie’s solgaleo and lunala tag team gx are coming.


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All the more reason not to reprint him. He made the Judge reprint in BREAKpoint worthless when Fates Collide brought him back. No reason to make a new Item worthless.
You can play reset stamp and another supporter for the turn if you use reset wtamp, but n is your supporter for the turn unless you play surge which makes stamp better


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Landorus and especially Kyurem get enough attention, I'm just fine if they're skipped here.
That's a good point, but I still like when legendaries who haven't gotten the ultra rare of a respective era get ones. Nothing pains me more that they missed those...How many was it, 6 or 7 legends didn't get EXs? Even if they get enough attention, I still like stuff like that for completionist purposes. Of course, I'd MUCH prefer Terrakion to get one out of them, since it's been so long. And with the way 3/4 of that quartet got them? I hope there's a good chance for it.


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There's absolutely zero reason to reprint N now that Reset Stamp is a thing. Especially since come rotation Trashalanche won't be a thing, there won't be any real reason to run a Supporter over an arguably better Item that essentially does the same thing. Unless some new card(s) come out that make playing items dangerous again.


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New cards like "red's pikacbu and lillie's vulpix"? Back to the old days indeed. That would be awesome.

Nah, Giovanni was in the background of rhydon if anything just might have some sort of condition that ties into the supporter


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sigh Okay.

I know everyone's been on about how N will be replace with Reset Stamp. Let me be clear:

No he will not.

Look at it this way. All Reset Stamp does is potentially reset the card advantage between you and your opponent. Yes, the fact that you don't shuffle your own hand is great, along with the fact that its an item, but that also comes with its drawbacks. While you can shuffle your opponent's hand to be at your hand size, it does nothing to help your hand if you have a crappy one (and we've all had those crappy hands before, regardless of how consistent a deck may be). So, with that said, it should be obvious as to the advantages N brings over Reset Stamp.

N gives you the potential card advantage instead of resetting it.

Say, you're behind on prizes (happens often, yea). Your opponent has a quite a nice card advantage, but you don't, and he's currently on the fast track to winning. You have both N and Reset Stamp in the hand, along with one other card. What do you do? Do you play Reset Stamp to bring his hand size down to yours, or do you play N to give yourself the card advantage instead? That's an easy one, or is it? [Hey, Vsauce, Micheal here.] The obvious choice would be to play N. You get the card advantage, while also making your opponent have less cards. But what if you wanted to keep your small hand knowing that you're confident in your abilities to make a comback? Play Reset Stamp.

Granted, I am oversimplifying things, but if taken from a broader view, you'll begin to see that both N and Reset Stamp are not worth putting away. Sometimes you're behind on prizes but have the most divine hand you could ask for. Sometimes you're behind on prizes and you need a new hand, and fast. It all boils down to "when should I play this" instead of "if I should play this." Also granted, you may be in one situation to where you would want an N but only have a Reset Stamp, or vice versa. While not optimal, at least you have an option to slow your opponent down, which is the entire main purpose of both of these cards.

In short, don't argue over which is better, just play both. They both serve a different purpose for the same situation, so why not give yourself more options in the end?

[And as always...thanks for watching.]
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