SM11b 'Dream League,' Japan's August Set!


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New cards like "red's pikacbu and lillie's vulpix"? Back to the old days indeed. That would be awesome.

I would ever take art with the trainers in, but I'm ready and expecting for the set to be just normal Pokemon and new Trainer cards

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I'm very curious as to whether Sawsbuck, the most neglected one, will appear in this set. Time will tell!
Ooh, you just reminded me of my Sawsbuck/Venesaur meme deck I had! It wasn't consistent by any means, but when it worked it was funny to slap the opponent with over 300 damage from one little deer. I hope they print another Sawsbuck with an Energy reliant attack again. (A Sableye GX would also be nice.)


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All the more reason not to reprint him. He made the Judge reprint in BREAKpoint worthless when Fates Collide brought him back. No reason to make a new Item worthless.

That statement is only true outside of the factors of Kabutops TEU(blocks N because its a Supporter), LTH Hitmontop(rapid spin into Kabutops), and the fighting/Zygarde support next set, but other than those, like you said, N would make the stamp useless...
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I wonder if they are going to do trainer owned pokemon again or tag teams with pokemon amd their owners :/


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@Blob55 Your wish finally came true!
Don't speak too soon, it might be another Sky Legend situation where the set claims to be based on Unova but only has like 7 gen 5 pokemon, much like how Sky Legend had barely any flying types.

I can only hope they DON'T screw this one up though, Unova is my favorite region.


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Dream League being a Unova set makes sense as a reference to the Dream World. Very cool.


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I hope they reprint all the really busted cards from BW like Laserbank, Garb, and Eggs just because it'd be really funny.
Why don't they just revert the no attacking T1 rule while they're at it lmao


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By the looks of this pack, I am gonna predict N and Lillie prism star, Solgaleo & Lunala Tag Team GX, Reshiram and Zeckrom Tag Team GX, Red and Pikachu supporter and idk about who the girl is on the upper left with the Koffing. Maybe a supporter helping Poison conditions.

I did enjoy playing through Unova so seeing this pack being dedicated to Unova makes me smile.