SM11 Miracle Twins!


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I get the feeling people will use some of the Baby Pokémon to get around Steelix's "drawback".


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Out of cards I haven't reviewed I find Beheeyem very interesting with TAE. I doubt it'll be good though.

Aerodactyl: Ability is annoying to Jirachi, not much else. Attack ohkos Pikarom and can be powered up in one turn with belt and TAE. GX attack is great. You can get it instantly with lab so you won't need fossils. Albeit Fossil lab ends yur turn.

Drapion has potential with TAE and Victini but will ultimately be hindered by relying on coin flips.

Noivern is tickling people. Nothing more needs to be said.

Oranguru is a cool mechanic but is still bad.

Stadium search is really good for decks that rely on stadiums. Like Aerodactyl( new) , shrine decks, and latios lab lock.

Channeler is Pokemon ranger but it cures self conditions like item lock. Nice to have it back in the format but I don't see any great uses for it in our standard. Though It is a Nerf to Latilab. Oh and hoopa!

Actually, the way I'm reading it, Channeler is only a one-sided Ranger, so it wouldn't have an effect on the new Latios GX (because it's Tag Purge effect is applied to itself.) Also, Hoopa and the like are immune because of Abilities not attacks, so they wouldn't be affected by it either.

I mean if you run 4 Naganadels.

Most Quag-Nag decklists I've seen run a max of 3-3 of the Naganadel line. Even if you ran a 4-4, it's unlikely you'd be able to set all of them up.
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Huh... Who knew Noibat was ever a Dragon type to begin with. Must be one of those "Delta Species" dealies.

Also, that Sewaddle Translation is very unclear. Is it saying that you get to search for 2 stage 1 forms of itself - in this case, Swadloon - To put on the bench? And was it designed to be reused somehow by other evolvable basics, so that it can search for their own evolutions? That's kind of vague.

Somehow, I see Beheeyem becoming a nasty thorn like Accelgor DEX, as Active Pokemon abilities from Aerodactyl-GX and Weezing and such could combo quite well with item lock.

Noibat has always been Flying/Dragon since it was introduced in XY. This is just the first time it has been represented as Dragon-type in the TCG.


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Latios looks really interesting, problem is you pretty much have to keep power plant in play and decks that play it won't want to play down 4 targets to keep the chain going. (or will you? How safe is the bench gonna be this year?)

Aerodactyl might be good, I like the ability, but fear it came out in the wrong format. It'd be busted in the EX era but now we have welder and thunder mountain and stuff so +1 energy isn't as big a deal. Still a great GX attack so worth slotting into things that can fit it.

I feel Dragonite has nice accel potential if you can Lance it into play. Worth testing at least.


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It sucks judge will still exist, cause blues strategy would be a great card if it wasn't. It's too easy to counter.


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What? Aerodactyl-GX increases attack costs, not retreat. That's what makes the card interesting too, imo. It's kinda awkward to meet its attack costs without DCE. Yeah, you can use TAE, but that's definitely less than ideal.

Also, Hoopa rotates but there's Keldeo-GX now.

Anyway, yeah, this set doesn't look too good overall. Of course, Mew/Mewtwo is very good, but the most interesting card to me outside of that is Aegislash, just because I have a cool idea with Meganium/Swampert and Recycle Energy to stream Aegislash for 130-200 damage each turn.
Sorry, lots of errors in that. I had to leave WiFi but I wanted to get that out quick lol


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Love the weakguard energy something that can't be easily knocked off once enhanced hammer gets rotated out and another energy Porygon-Z can help with potentially.


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Beheeyem lock will be a thing akin to Accelgor until dragging Supporters like Guzma and Lysandre come back. If you manage to set up Kabutops while you're streaming the aliens, that's Item and Supporter lock, that can't be turned off with Alolan Muk.

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Quick question on the Liepard's second attack, The attack reads opponent's active Basic Pokemon can't use any attacks. Does this mean that if opponent switches in to another basic does that mean that basic can't use any attacks either? Making the question since i mostly see pokemon cards refer to affected pokemon as defending pokemon.