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    Thank you!

Slowbro's one stop shop!


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Hello, I am now selling cards! :)

1. All pokebeach rules apply
2. Cards are mint/near mint unless mentioned otherwise
3. Cards are english unless mentioned otherwise
4. No world championship cards
5. I send my cards in a sleeve and toploader.
6. Tell me if you are outside the U.S. I still can trade with you, but the trade must be of high value because of shipping.
7. Once I receive payment via paypal, I will send.

All the cards you see are for sale. Thanks!

Most of the cards in this doc are for sale as well, so just ask.

Terrakion EX DRX
Tornadus EX DEX FA
Ho-oh EX DRX
Black Kyurem EX PLS
Alph Lithograph TR
Alph Lithograph UD
Here Comes Team Rocket! SR
Rayquaza and Deoxys Legend top
Raikou and Suicune Legend full

I'm also looking to sell jumbo Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon. I've heard this is pretty rare, so just offer for it. I'm also trying to sell dark patch (lots), and Bouffalant DRX (lots). Just LMK if you're interested. Thanks!


Aspiring Trainer
Insta deals:
Black Kyurem EX PLS= $20 shipped
Jumbo Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon=$30 shipped

Both of these are great deals, so buy them while you can. :)