'Sky Legends' Officially Revealed!

That "N" trainer card, plus this broken one. When your opponent gets 4 or more prizes, you can make him play with no hands, which can lead to an increase of turn backs in this game. Not to mention that Lt Surge card.
I don’t think this card makes any deck better, jirachi will still run escape board. It makes tool drop slightly better, but not good enough to see play.
The U-Turn board is quite interesting: Usually, float stone acts as so powerful a switching card, it is usually the first tool opponents target to discard. But with card, it invalidates that effort for 1-cost mons, unless item lock is in play.

Also, it might grant another use to field blower, so to return their own tool to the hand to reuse on another Pokemon that needs it. Plenty of utility here to unleash!
Finally some team rocket cards after the release of the card with Red in it. I feel like the chase cards are being more and more ruined with each set though.
Erm, how are the birds exactly beating Zapdos, unless the Zapdos player were to run literally no other attackers? (Everyone knows pure Zapdos is crap). Zeraora and Pikarom one-shot it, Jolteon GX one-shots it after one Choice Band + E-power or 2 E-powers. The only electric attacker that doesn't do jack to it is Zapdos, and Zapdos does jack to any GX mon anyway. Stall also tries to run as little meta relevant weaknesses as possible, so there it goes its chance in stall unlike Magilord whose weakness is not as meta prominent. Electric weakness in this meta is terrible, even with that huge HP.
Yes, it has a bad weakness, but Pikarom has a bad weakness and it doesn't care.
The birds WILL take 3 prizes with their GX attack against Zapdos. If your opponent limits themselves to 1 Jirachi and 1 Zapdos, they'll lose by not having the cards they need.
Pikarom can get 1 shot with the primary attack (with choice band).
That's 6 prizes.
If they bench a Pikarom they basically lose.
Jolteon/Zeraora would be the play against this but still, the birds have to get ahead by 1 prize to win.
It would be a close game.

Yes, I admit setting up a stage 2 against Zapdos is sketchy.
Yes, Pikarom will dominate some games.
But the birds will put up a good fight.

(You can kind of play around the dos by using victini and then koko prism to power up turn 2, going second. You don't really need porygon until your first birds go down.)
U turn board. Let's compare to Escape board. Same primary effect. The difference is the secondary effect. Would I rather be able to retreat a sleeping Jirachi or reuse my board? Why would I want to use it again? If you were playing a deck with multiple one retreats and u were running low on space you could use this. If you play Malamar without Jirachi then this would be great! But you know whats not great? You just dead drew because you aren't using Jirachi!
Bad card. Their is a food chain of switch tools. Float Stone > Escape Board > U-turn board.
Uxie has the really cool ability to me. Dealing x4 weakness might open some possibilities for other attackers that only do like 50 or 70 damage instead, probably needing the quad weakness support to knock out pokemon like Tag Teams.

Not a fan of the other 2 individually. Mesprit will be in a format where Professor Elm's Lecture exists, and even if you didn't like the 60HP requirement there's ULP Shaymin and CES Dunsparce, and Azelf's Psycho Power does too little I think. I'd rather use the other Azelf and maybe sneak in that attack only usable on your first turn going second.
The Azelf could be good for like 30 anywhere but the Uxie has too much set up required and the misprint requires psychic energy instead of colorless like the Azelf.
Why is it that out of all of the Legendary trios, the Pixies and only the Pixies get these weird abilities that rely on all three being in play? lol
Uxie could be more useful paired with some previous iterations of Mesprit and Azelf. I remember the Double Colorless attack Mesprit being a decent rogue deck back when it first came out -- but that was when Buzzwole was big, so Mesprit had a relevant type advantage. Maybe some Expanded ones I don't know about?

At the very least, this seems quite easy to set up, provided you can spare the Bench space. They're all basics.
The lake trio will never get ultra rares, will they? They just love making these poor guys into weird random inserts into a set. It's been like 12 years Pokemon, can I please see them get some love? The collector in me is dying for it.
okay but how to guarantee weakness

edit: it'd be great if someone came up with a deck of a bunch of mons from every type attacking for big numbers using double/triple/rainbow/counter energy to counter everything.
okay but how to guarantee weakness

edit: it'd be great if someone came up with a deck of a bunch of mons from every type attacking for big numbers using double/triple/rainbow/counter energy to counter everything.

Silvally GX would be the one to fill the jank weakness exploiting spot with the memories. It also lets you retreat the lake trio for free. There's also the Magearna that lets you take a tool off.

It MIGHT not be good but it will be hilarious when it works and the most plausible.