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armaldoEX said:
I say, allow us to watch the pokemon episodes whenever we want cos it seems to be unfair to the ones who didn't get a chance to see it(like me)
Keep in mind that raises legal issues.

Jayh... there really is no need for a walkthrough in the games for the main story. It's very basic anyways... but Gamefaqs should always have what you need...

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Is there a chance that there will be a link for us to see the episodes that gets posted on this site? That way we dont heve to go through all the forums on the mane page just to find the link to watch the show.will this be the end of my question?


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Actually, something that I would like to recommend is a low-quality version; some users have said that streaming the media from the episodes forum takes a long time for them. Maybe have a high and low version?

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If the quality was reduced for dialup, the size of the file would be so small that you wouldn't even be able to make out the video or understand the audio. Dialup is not meant for streaming or for downloading - it's barely made for viewing webpages anymore.


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Yeah dial-up sucks and cable is the better way to go now a days.:)

WPM can you make it so nobody can download episodes from your site. It will make me feel better if you can do that because I don't want the episodes to disappear because some one is trying to ruin it for all of us and I hope you can do it thanks.:)

EDIT WPM can you put up the pokemon chronicles episodes when they start on saturday because they will not be on at a decent time and most of the time I don't get cartoon network.:)