Discussion Single Prize Format in SSH-EVS?


Get Shinxed bro
Yes, I know you're all rolling your eyes right now- the single prize format is typically what every new player to the game wants to play and thinks is an objectively superior format to standard after they lose one too many games to a meaty EX/GX/V. But hear me out.

With the rotation of cards like Aerodactyl that were problematic in single-prize, the format... is honestly pretty fun? I haven't played a ton of games in it, but it's a pretty rad time.

First, there's obviously a lot of decks to play here. There are a few powerhouses in the format- the Inteleon line is obviously insanely powerful, Cherrim + Regidrago is a beast, Ludicolo makes some already good basics really good, and Galarian Articuno can absolutely ruin your day. But all of these have exploitable weaknesses and are by no means the only great cards.

Games aren't as quick as Standard since few cards can consistently knock out multiple Pokémon every turn, but they're still fast paced. Going second is less of issue because of the respectable HP of certain setup Pokémon (Dialga from Vivid Voltage, Zarude and Cresselia from Chilling Reign, Marshadow from Evolving Skies are some of the best but certainly aren't the only ones).

So- has anyone played some games in this format? What do you think about it?