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Hello everyone, this is Grant Manley with another article about some Standard format decks. Hot off the heels of EUIC, Indianapolis (and some other) Regionals, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to play for the event, so I’m going to go over two of my top picks today. They both just so happen to be single-Prize decks, and they are surprisingly cracked in the current format. Let’s get into it.
My Hoopa / Galarian Moltres Deck

This is the exact 60 that I played at EUIC, though I unfortunately barely missed day two with a record of 5-2-2. I hit some unfortunate and unexpected matchups such as Duraludon VMAX, but I still think this deck was a good play for the event. This deck has strong matchups in the meta with its only real weakness being to well-timed...

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