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Hey everyone,

where in your option is the best place to get singles at a reasonable price mainly Rev Holo, rare and full art cards. Everywhere is either sold out or priced quite high? :)


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TCGPLAYER is the best place. I just checked Troll and Toad and the prices are far higher than from TCGPlayer. Every card I looked at is as overpriced, and the more valuable the card is, the more overpriced. An Item card worth $1.20 on TCGPLAYER (Evo Incense) costs $2.00, the gold and black Zacian V Promo that costs short of $10 on TCGPLAYER costs $15 from Troll and Toad. The Galarian Moltres Alternate Art V that costs $100 from TCGPLAYER costs $165 from Troll and Toad.
I’m not saying Troll and Toad is garbage. There appeared to be a few good deals (for cards and sealed product), and Troll and Toad sells many of the things that TCGPLAYER doesn’t; coins, GX Markers, world championship deck cards, etc. But in general, you will get a far better deal shopping from TCGPLAYER.
Oh, and also; TCGPLAYER is actually a group of many different sellers. Some sellers will have more of a focus on one certain card games than others; some will have better prices or wider selections than others; some will focus more on specific eras or rarities; a few will have inconceivably low prices, inconceivably high shipping, and inconceivably small selections (these are probably people shipping cards overseas); and some will give you free shipping on purchases of $5 (or $35) or more. This is one of the key differences between TCGPLAYER and Troll and Toad; since the former is comprised of hundreds of sellers, you will always (with a few especially rare cards being the main exceptions) be able to find a card on TCGPLAYER, but you may need to work a little more when you are putting your cart together. Here is my method; look up one of the main cards you want to buy. Look at the market value of that card, click it, filter the cards by least to most expensive, and check out the sellers of a few of the listings by clicking on their names. Try sticking to ones that are selling the card at around market value (although, obviously you, if the card isn’t in Lightly Played or Near Mint Condition, it will be lower than market price). Select “shop by this seller” and look up the other cards you want to buy to see if the seller has them, use the filters to search for specific card types, rarities, sets, etc, or just browse through the listings. You may need to check a few sellers, and if you’re intending to order a large number of specific cards you may need to order from multiple different sellers, so if the Troll and Toad convenience factor is worth a few dollars a card to you I understand (although I would still recommend checking the prices of each card against the market prices on TCGPLAYER to make sure you’re not spending $10 to $60 (or higher) more than you would if you bought from TCGPLAYER). But in general, TCGPLAYER is far less expensive than Troll or Toad… or ANYTHING for that matter. And ordering from TCGPLAYER isn’t a headache or anything either. You just need to do your research and spend time scoping out different sellers.


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If you are playing, Troll and Toad is fine to use. For collecting, I can't recommend. I stopped using them, because they would describe the card as mint and it would have numerous fine scratches.