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Expanded Shuckle Poison Stall

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by seeknayr, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. seeknayr Aspiring Trainer


    Hello, I’m getting into expanded and was curious if a Shuckle standard deck from last year could be ported into the expanded format. The game plan is to disrupt the opponent and prevent them from attacking while you slowly win via poison counters. I was thinking about the Seviper that inflicts more poison damage or maybe Virbank Gym. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Here is the standard deck list from 2018 that caught my eye:

    Pokémon (10)
    4x Hoopa (Shining Legends)
    1x Regigigas (Crimson Invasion)
    1x Oranguru (Ultra Prism)
    3x Shuckle GX (Lost Thunder)
    1x Articuno GX (Celestial Storm)

    Trainers (46)
    4x Cynthia
    4x Steven’s Resolve
    3x Acerola
    3x Plumeria
    3x Lusamine
    2x Guzma
    2x Faba
    2x Mars
    1x Team Skull Grunt
    1x Gladion
    4x Nest Ball
    4x Crushing Hammer
    3x Enhanced Hammer
    4x Max Potion
    3x Counter Catcher
    1x Rescue Stretcher
    1x Mt. Coronet
    1x Ancient Crystal

    Energy (4)
    3x Metal
    1x Rainbow

  2. Cody Weibel Aspiring Trainer
    Cody Weibel


    Dust island will be a necessity to keep the active pokemon poisoned and to pull benches pokemon into poison

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