Discussion Shrouded Fable Prospective Setlist (SV6.5)

As the Night Wanderer set will be released on June the 7th, we should have a better idea of what will be in this set come August the 2nd.
We know that the 64 cards of Night Wanderer will be in this set, but before secret rares, we have enough room for 31 more cards, so there is a good chance that Wooper and Quagsire of the Gym Promos could be in this set, unless they are saved for September's set.
The secret rares should go:

Tapu Bulu IR
Houndoom IR
Horsea IR
Duskull IR
Dusclops IR
Dusknoir IR
Cresselia IR
Munkidori IR
Fezandipiti IR
Okidogi IR
Zorua IR
Cufant IR
Fraxure IR
Persian IR
Bewear IR
Kingdra ex FA
Revavroom ex FA
Okidogi ex FA
Munkidori ex FA
Fezandipiti ex FA
Pecharunt ex FA
Cassiopeia FA
Colress's Tenacity FA
Janine's Secret Technique FA
Xerosic FA
Okidogi ex SIR
Munkidori ex SIR
Fezandipiti ex SIR
Pecharunt ex SIR
Cassiopeia SIR
Pecharunt ex Gold