Show us your desktop! (You-person-person-you)


I don't think we've ever had one of these on the forum before, so I decided to create one.

Welcome to the PokeBeach "show us your desktop" thread! The place you can post in when you feel like.. well, showing off your desktop! =D

A few rules though:
1. You-person-person-you is in effect.
2. Don't bash anything that is on another member's desktop photo, whether it's a certain choice of program, operating system, game, wallpaper, or whatever.
3. If you have a question for someone about where they got a certain wallpaper or program shown on their desktop, try and keep it in PMs if you can.
4. Minimize or close any open windows when taking a picture.
and finally,
5. I'd like to ask that you please use good judgement, don't post your desktop if something about it could be seen as questionable or inappropriate.

Anyway, here is a shot of the desktop on my laptop as of today.

Mr. Meep

Rhythm Heaven is a masterpiece.

In case you're wondering, I took that picture of my cat while he was yawning. He doesn't normally look that demonic. :p Also, this picture is slightly edited (I censored my real name).


always remember delta species δ

I made it in 5 min :p


Yes, sir. Of course, sir.
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I was in no mood to clear all of the junk away, so I try to tidy stuff up as much as possible. Here's the result: