Should oceans be explored?

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Should the ocean be explored?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe

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  4. Let's explore space first!

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  1. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    Hi everyone
    As I am sure most of you know, most of the Earth's surface (I think around 75%) is covered by water. However we have not managed to explore all of it, and much of it remains secretive to humans. There is a chance it could be housing something, such as a new species. Another bonus is it could reveal the behavior of monsters such as the giant squid. Another very unlikely thing is it could be housing a previously-thought extinct creature. And were sailors who 'saw' the Kraken just drunk, or was there actually a Leviathan that revealed itself?
    So, what are your views? Should it be explored, or should it stay as it is? Discuss!

  2. Vortex Bass Musician Since '11


    I think that discovery for mankind is the best way forward, but life has its mysteries that don't want or need solving and are better left alone. Humans - tourists especially - are destroying this world enough already. More discoveries = more endangered or extinct creatures. Just my view on the matter.
  3. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

    Advanced Member Member

    Not if it kills wildlife in the ocean. We shouldn't kill other animals to help ourselves, and it's not like it's a live or death thing. If it was needed to survive, of course, but something should be explored that doesn't hurt other animals.
  4. 123wert50 Back.


    I think that it should be. There may be many secrets...

    But, we would need more stuff to get to the bottom... pressure is very high...
  5. Lil Wayne .=I Hate to see her go.. love to watch her leave=.
    Lil Wayne


    [i]^^ Yeah, we would have to advance 10-20 Years in science so we could get people to the bottom. I think that we should get to explore the bottom, but we should[/i] NOT be able to hurt the underwater creatures. I also think sending robots down to the bottom might be a good idea. Robots could be programed to not disturb the wildlife; therefor not hurting the underwater creatures, but yet finding out what on the bottom. What do you guys think?
  6. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

    Advanced Member Member

    Interesting idea, but if one would malfunction, it would just add to the pollution that's at the bottom of the ocean. Poor crabs...
  7. Meaty You can't deny that Psyduck is beast. I guess.


    I'm pretty sure we've only discovered a small fraction of all species on Earth, and most of those undiscovered organisms would reside deep in the ocean. I think in time we will be able to explore our oceans more efficiently and discover more species. But we should evote our time to finding Bigfoot first. ;)
  8. Lil Wayne .=I Hate to see her go.. love to watch her leave=.
    Lil Wayne


    Glaceon. Well, 10-20 years in the future would prolly bring 'Anti-pollutional' robots. :) I also think that finding Bigfoot is more important than exploring oceans. :p
  9. Boddy Was once Boddy903


    Nah, I prefer ignorance over knowledge. :)

    But to be completely honest, I think ocean exploration would be a huge waste of money. Countries already have enough problems right now, such as dealing with epidemics, crime, and let's not even begin with the economic crises faced around the world. In the future, it may be a feasible endeavor, but right now, we need to fix our internal problems.
  10. Card Slinger J #BringBackNationalDex
    Card Slinger J


    Another problem is that the deeper you go into the ocean the water pressure will make it harder to explore especially water currents effected by the area's climate. We were lucky enough to see the wreckage of the Titanic but the mythical continent known as Atlantis on the other hand that is even harder.

    It's said that the Ancient Civilization of Atlantis dates back WAY before Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. However there's some proof that there is a connection with Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. There's a rumor that clues leading to Atlantis is hidden inside the Great Sphinx but whether If that's true is a mystery yet to be solved.

    I do agree with Boddy903 that fixing our internal problems are most important right now.
  11. 123wert50 Back.


    Well, in 10-20 years, the robots may have something that makes them float up to the surface to be easily taken, if they happen to malfunction...

    What if something attacks the robot, though...
  12. JacobeTheElf Future Marine and hopeful Army Ranger


    I think we should for two main reasons. First, just to find out more about the species that inhabit this planet (includes finding new ones). Also, apparently some illnesses have cures that come from the oceans so maybe more exploration of the oceans could lead to more cures.
  13. safariblade Video Gamer

    Advanced Member Member

    My answer is the opposite of the last poll option. I am all for exploring the ocean, and I am all for exploring space, but I think we should learn more about our own planet. Space is AMAZING, but we need to discover things dow in the abyss too.

    I don't really know much about sea exploration though. (Or space exploration either for that matter.)
  14. Ice Arceus #Jovimohnaeliackvid
    Ice Arceus

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    There are still hidden mysteries in the oceans that we have yet to discover. If we do explore the vast oceans, we will learn more about species that dwell in the oceans and may even find new species as well. Though there are several problems accompanied by exploration in the deep. When going deeper into the ocean, the pressure starts to increase, there is less light, and unknown creatures may be a problem. However, I am rather interested in space exploration than ocean exploration.
  15. miniman It's Blissey Time


    For the sake and good of science, yes the oceans should be explored as (like many others have said) there may be fascinating new specimens or animals that were previously thought to have of been extinct. Or within the depths of the ocean may lay a new energy source that could put a stop to our current one that ruin the environment. As Safariblade said, we should be exploring/learning more about our planet before we venture off to other planet/solar system.
  16. DarthPika Team Hatter Jedi


    Learn more about our own planet before worrying whats in space. It's SO much easier to get to. :p

    The more we learn, the more we can do to help it. Knowledge is a good thing. Being ignorant about the environment makes you every bit as bad as the people who willingly and knowingly do things that harm it.
  17. OU Pokemon Aspiring Trainer
    OU Pokemon


    I say yes, that oceans should be explored for three reasons:

    1. We might discover some specie(s) that we thought to be extinct.
    2. Maybe we might find a new energy source that will be environmentally friendly (unlike oil and fossil fuels).
    3. Ignorance ISN'T bliss!

    And for you naysayers, yes, if our scientists are working hard then there will be some robot that won't disturb wildlife, and technology for The WIN.
  18. Gary Walsh The Pride of Pallet Town
    Gary Walsh


    Well, it's been said many times that we know less about our own oceans than space entirely – I always thought that was a bit of an anecdote when I was younger, but that's besides the point :p (theory goes a long way though) – and it's also been said that we know of less than 10% of all species/organisms that inhabit our own planet, so if you can put two and two together… At least to me that sounds like a pretty good idea, haha (…granted no one kills/pollutes/exploits or repeats anything stupid we do to the surface already *fingers crossed*). I've been a lifelong admirer of biology/zoology (in that sense Pokémon was never a coincidence, hehe), so even just finding new plants/animals/creatures-of-some-other-kingdom/domain/phylum/whatever to me has got to be one of the most exciting prospects, alongside things we'd have more insight into doing like ocean floor mapping or discovering new geological structures.

    But considering NASA's getting shoved back in the dark because the U.S. government insists on burning away planet-sized wads of money to go marauding around the world, and the ESA is doomed if Europe has any more countries that go under, Mars has to wait :(. But regardless of whether or not powerful people start caring about science again or corporations take over the space gig, the oceans remain one of many final frontiers we have left to challenge to their full extents. But enough cynicism from me, it's definitely exciting stuff for a huge number of fields to be exploring the oceans. Even as far as energy goes, discoveries under the sea have been integral to the development of hydrogen-powered technology that exists today for example, among many other things, so there's a whole lot of hope.
  19. HypnoticChairman


    Explore the Oceans? WHY! For knowledge? Who wants that? (Herp-Derp)

    Seriously though, finding new species definately should not be our highest priority. Economy is very poor. We are in great need of a new energy source. Trolls are all over the beach. There are a lot of deeper problems in the world, things to waste monet on, but why exactly do we need new species? To learn more about ourselves? Then study ourselves. Seeing if there are more intelligent creatures. We'd lose our power. Keep away from each other, ya know. See if any threats (ya know aliens in water Herp-Derp) are out there? ZJust nuke the ocean. Main point being, we have higher priorities, and snoopping could end us/

    On another note, finding a cure in the ocean could be averagely needed. A cure could save innocent (and not so innocent) lives from being taken from the likes of cancer and other life threatning diseases. Opposingly, if too many cures are found, we get a higher population. People die less frequently. We need more places to colonize. Which cause an entire new string of problems. Death is saddening, but a very needed way of life.

    And now to the matter about finding new energy. That is the best reason for exploring the ocean I could see. Energy is one of our biggest problems now.(Beaten by economy by a longshot, though) We're in a rash desire of ways to get energy. Fossil Fuels are becoming scarce, and do the opposite of help the enviroment. (And are also crashing our economy) Solar power is nice, but say Hello to clouds and night. (Not to mention out sun will go out in uhh, I think 22,000 years? IDK about that) There's not always wind for windmills. Water power seems like it can do good, and who knows what else we can find under there.

    In summary, it could help, buut we have more important things to do.

    EDIT: O MAI GAWD, My post is >= Gary Walsh's in legnth. :O
  20. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    Hey, if we've done it in war, then we should be able to do it with animals who aren't even capable of having a personality.

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