Discussion Shipping and Packaging Pokémon Cards


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Hey guys!

So I have a lot of cards that I would like to sell from commons to FAs.

Thing is, I have a few questions about packaging/shipping

I used the video above as a reference and I do like his method however, he mentions not to pack more than 3 cards inside the toploader/pennysleeve. My problem with that is I tried packing in 3 cards into a penny sleeve into a toploader (As a test.) and i found it extremely hard to put the 3 cards into the toploader. More so, when trying to take them out.

So if I were to sell a play set (4 cards) of GR common Vanillite, how would I package it? My initial thought would be to pack 2 Vanillite>penny sleeve > Toploader and another 2 Vanillite> penny sleeve>toploader into a A1 letter/Invitational letter. However, rather than go by what I assume is right, I think it would be better to ask the community and their opinion on how to package 4 cards. With that said, what is the best way to package 4 cards?

Now, how would I go about packaging a RARE card, such as a Shaymin EX FA? Should I use the same method as the common cards but instead of an A1/Invitational lette, use bubble wrap + add tracking?


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I use a hard but bendable mini plastic folder to ship my cards and my art work.
They come in all sorts of sizes, including ones that are suitable for Pokemon cards.
Not quite sure which type of plastic it is, but it's hard, resilient and transparent.