Shiny Tera Charizard ex, Gardevoir ex, and Palafin Illustration Rares from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

Also, for those paying attention (and for all you FA Supporter collectors like myself), this set looks to have only 5-6 FA Supporters, and MAYBE 3 SAR Supporters. A little underwhelming compared to the other High Class sets in the past (especially VMAX Climax, which had a whopping TWENTY-THREE FA Supporters)
No I mean is there someone who is consistently reporting on these? I only happened to see Mew ex and had no idea about Charizard ex. If there's a website or social media that makes it their business to report on these leaks I'd appreciate a link, probably over DM. As has been a growing topic of discussion on this message board, at this point the onus is on TPCI to do something to prevent leaks if they don't want it to be news.

The most benefit of the doubt I can give sites like this that don't report on it is that perhaps they are afraid of a takedown request – so what? You didn't sign an NDA, just link to evidence it's openly being discussed on social media and you'd be at a disadvantage as a news site to not report; and if/when the takedown request is submitted to you, just comply, and that's the end of it. It's not like the site would lose any social standing with TPCI for annoying them, because right now it has none – this site's admin has previously acknowledged in an article that TPC in Japan declined to give him a press pass, and in a podcast acknowledged that TPCI don't even recognize this site by name.

Ahh I see, leaks are most likely PTCGI line workers etc as they would be the only logical lot to get that much early access to stuff. To my knowledge there isn't. As for this website? I am still fine with them being a little late on things. It means that what eventually does make it here is official. Going through proper channels also gives websites like this a better standing in the future. Eventually people will be caught and leaks will be plugged in time, it's just because the hype is still there, people still gonna do what they can to capitalize on it.
You can Google them. Mew ex and Charizard ex SIR were leaked a couple weeks back; however, based on the reveal of the Charizard ex, it would be 100% confirmed that the leaks from 2 weeks ago are legit, which is great, because I love the Mew one so much.
dude, the mew is AMAZING
The illustration Rare's make me wish they were the regular art and that every Pokémon got them instead of... Render on a void
*Voz complicada de ginástica*: "Palafin!"

Ele parece tão nervoso, eu amo ele

Fivou na minha mente!