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As we revealed last week, a shiny Eternatus event will take place at GameStop from September 18th to October 1st. We now have photos of the code cards that will be given out. As expected, the Eternatus will be distributed over Mystery Gift via code cards. You scratch the back of the code card to reveal the code.



The event isn’t active yet, so we don’t know the stats of the Eternatus. Pokemon will officially reveal the event next week at Pokemon.com/ShinyEternatus.
This event is to encourage preorders of Scarlet & Violet by bringing fans into GameStop stores. The download will be to Sword & Shield.
GameStop will also have an exclusive...

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So, do you only receive one when you pre-order Scarlet or Violet? Or with any purchase?
You don’t have to purchase anything, if they do make you buy/pre-order Pokémon Scarlet & Violet; make sure to tell them that it’s free.

There is a limit for one per person though.


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Cool, it's been confirmed now. Thank you for posting the source.
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