ORAS Shiny Beldum Level 5 Mystery Gift

I pikachoose you

Aspiring Trainer
If you didn't already know if you use mystery gift via Internet on either OR/AS you will receive a level 5 shiny Beldum holding metagrossite.
It knows four moves
Hold Back
Iron Head
Zen Headbut
Iron Defense

I was pleasantly surprised to find it and be able to have it right at the beginning and just wanted to make sure you guys got yours too ^_^
How long does the gift run for?

I wont be able to get the games till December or early January
I love that it has Hold Back. It's like 'here, let's give you a Shiny ... with Move Tutor moves ... that's a Pseudo-Legendary ... at the beginning of the game ... that makes catching Pokemon easier'. It's like an early Christmas present.