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    I wanted to create a miniset similar to Radiant Collection, with the 2d artstyle and cute-sy design. And to add a bit of spice, I wanted to make my fake set based on shinies. Hence the wip name, Shining Stars (SS). Not creative, I know. I will most likely make image-based cards later, with 2D art from me.

    I wanted to add a special card, like Team Plasma or Deltas, but have no ideas. I'll likely stick with a basic SM, with some XY or BW flavor, for now.
    Achromatics are cards with a B/W filter over them, while retaining their original typing (thereby not being "colorless" cards. They have a unique ability for being Achromatic, being that they can absorb a color and become a dual-type (similar to Crystal and Delta Pokemon in past TCG cards).

    Shining Stars Miniset List
    SS1 / SS27 C Achromatic Roselia
    SS2 / SS27 R Shining Roserade
    SS3 / SS27 U Achromatic Ponyta
    SS4 / SS27 R Shining Rapidash
    SS5 / SS27 C Achromatic Marill
    SS6 / SS27 U Shining Azumarill
    SS7 / SS27 UR Shining Dracozolt GX
    SS8 / SS27 C Achromatic Ralts
    SS9 / SS27 U Achromatic Kirlia
    SS10 / SS27 R Shining Gardevoir
    SS11 / SS27 R Shining Gallade
    SS12 / SS27 UR Shining Minior GX
    SS13 / SS27 C Achromatic Deino
    SS14 / SS27 U Achromatic Zewilous
    SS15 / SS27 R Shining Hydreigon
    SS16 / SS27 C Achromatic Honedge
    SS17 / SS27 U Achromatic Doublade
    SS18 / SS27 R Shining Aegislash
    SS19 / SS27 UR Shining Mimikyu FA
    SS20 / SS27 C Achromatic Applin
    SS21 / SS27 R Shining Appletun
    SS22 / SS27 UR Shining Ditto FA
    SS23 / SS27 U Rainbow Prism
    SS24 / SS27 U Faraway Island ◇
    SS25 / SS27 UR TT Salamence&Shining Magnezone GX
    SS26 / SS27 UR TT Wigglytuff&Shining Jumpluff GX
    SS27 / SS27 SR Shiny Charm
    SS28 / SS27 SR Shiny Collector
    SS29 / SS27 SR Shining Manaphy GX
    SS30 / SS27 SR Shining Mew GX
    For the SRs, I wanted to include some of the rarest shinies to get legitimately (in-game). Those being Mew, who requires a JPN-only event in RSE, and Manaphy, who requires a brand-new version of Rangers and patience with egg hatching. The Shiny Charm is a must, being a staple item for many shiny collectors.

    The choices for the monsters were based on my own discretion. I wanted to give light to some Pokemon (Rapidash, Roserade, Minior), while also using more popular shinies (Hydreigon, Appletun, Aegislash).

    The Faraway Island ◇ card may be replaced by another in the future.

    8/20/2020: Added Rainbow Prism

    22. Rainbow Prism
    Trainer: Tool
    Attach Rainbow Prism to 1 of your Pokémon that doesn't have a Pokémon Tool attached to it.
    The Shining Pokémon this card is attached to can also use the attack on this card. (You still need the necessary Energy to use this attack.

    - [C][C][C] Dazzling Prism 60
    - Put 2 damage counters on your opponent's Benched Pokemon for each basic Energy attached to those Pokemon that shares a type with an Energy attached to this Pokemon.

    You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).
    Originally this attack and tool was to be for the Shiny Charm card, but decided that it didn't fit and just added a new item card to the miniset. No worries. I took an idea from the Power Memory (Fates Collide) card, where it grants the card its attached to a third option. I thought to play a little bit on how Achromatics and shinies work, with different colors after all.
    24. TT Salamence&Shining Magnezone GX
    250HP | Dragon
    / Ability / Magnetic Recharge
    Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach an Energy card from your discard pile to this Pokémon. You can't use more than 1 Magnetic Recharge Ability each turn.
    [R][L] Supercharged Dragon Breath 40+
    You may discard up to all basic [L] energy attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 80 more damage for each card you discarded in this way.

    [L][L][C] Thunder's Dance GX
    For the rest of the game, this Pokémon's attacks does 20 more damage for each [L] energy attached to all of your Pokémon. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    Weakness: fairy x2
    Retreat: 2
    I used to play SM Competitive and wanted to incorporate my favorite synergy together. I might change this to be a dual-type [L][D] combo, but for now, I'm keeping it as is.

    Magnetic Recharge is a combination of Magnezone (XY Breakthrough)'s Magnetic Circuit and Vikavolt-GX (SM-Guardians Rising)'s Charge Beam. I wanted the ability to be a synergy with the card's moveset, where the tag-team disperses and recharges to deal high-damage attacks.

    Supercharged Dragon Breath (i need a better name) takes an element from Ampharos (BW Promo 67)'s Eletricannon. But instead of choosing to drop all energy cards, you can choose a certain number to boost the attack's power. In tandem with the GX attack and ability, Salamence and Magnezone could easily deal 140 damage for a single lightning energy.

    In SM, a strat for Salamence is dragon dance, a move that allows one to setup. I wanted to take an element from this move and combine it with the TCG in a way. I used Mega Mewtwo Y (XY Breakthrough) and Arceus&Dialga&Palkia-GX (SM Cosmic Eclipse) as a reference for similar moves. Originally I was going to have it be a 30dmg boost for each [L] energy, but thought it might be a bit too broken.
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  2. Nyora A Cat


    Yo that's so swick! I love Salamence & Shining Magnzeone-GX, can't wait to see the others! Love to see new fakers around here, always swick when that happens. It looks like you may already have a thing for your special card going! Shining Magnezone's thing could totally be that the "shining" makes them a different type, something like Delta Species I guess? There are a few things I'd like to say about it, though

    - Magnetic Recharge needs some sort of limit. As it stands, this ability is the same as LOT Naganadels, which has been used multiple times as a decent way to get energy on the board. This can be for either moving around, using a Dark Pulse-esque attack, or something else. Naganadel was decent at that, but you typically needed multiple for it to be really effective, and as a stage one, there were consistency issues with every deck that ran it if they had to run something else (with Blacephalon-GX being an obvious exceotion). That said, this is a basic Pokemon, and a bulky one at that. It makes these strategies imo too easy and could use a clause or limitation on how it's used. Maybe limit the energy type, limit how many can be used a turn, maybe hand to bench activation, etc.
    - In Supercharged Dragon Breath, is it supposed to be Fire? I can't really tell, you are new so I don't know if you'd know or not, but personally it just doesn't make sense for it to be Fighting. Typically, we use [R] as Fire. That said, if it's supposed to be Fighting, ignore this.
    - I LOVE THUNDER'S DANCE GX. That said, TAG TEAM GX attacks typically have an additional effect, is there anything you'd like to add to it or do you think this just works?

    Another thing, I just love the combo of Salemence and Magnezone lol
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    Oh you're right! I'll fix the fire energy in SDB in a second. Thank you for commenting! Thunder's Dance GX is one of my favorite named attack so far haha.

    For Magnetic Recharge, I was originally going to limit it to a single [L] energy only. At max you could really only do 200 if you used the ability and attached a lightning energy in the same turn, assuming you had discarded all previous [L] energy. But I think you're right on balancing for it. Would a better balance be "Once during your turn, you may place a [L] energy card from the discard pile into your hand". Assuming it's only 1 and lowers the damage to 120.

    I'm not sure about what I would put as an additional effect for Thunder's Dance GX. I'll quite possibly steal something from Magnezone's movepool, probably along the lines of volt-switch. I'm thinking of having it to do with benched pokemon (eg. dealing x damage counter per attack if you have an extra xxx energy) or forcing your opponent's active pokemon and all attached cards to go into their hand.

    Shining Pokemon as different types could be interesting. I think there was a card with shining Mew as a [w] type. I came up with a different idea while brainstorming, which were achromatic cards. Basically cards without a color and would have an ability similar to Crystal Cards, where you attach a certain energy and said pokemon becomes that type. Except with achromatics, they aren't limited by what types they can turn into, basically stealing a "color". I thought it'd contrast the colorfulness of shinies and other cards. Opinions?
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    I think this is better, but it also is still heavily advantageous to use to imo, dangerous points. It kind of becomes an actual once-per-turn Exeggcute, which while better, is also a built in thing for some potential decks. Honestly, I think it is probably fine but could still maybe use a restriction such as Only 1 use of Magnetic Recharge a turn or only able to use at a certain time, etc.
    Look forward to it! Keep in mind you don't necessarily have to, but if you're going for some sense of realism to actual cards, I'd give it a secondary effect.
    I think this is a kinda neat idea! Reminds me of the upcoming amazing rares except, for the Pokemon's type itself in a way lol,
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    I added a 1 use of Magnetic Recharge. You just made me realize that decks could, and often do, have multiples of a single card. I was thinking in terms of "oh what if there's only 1 TT Salamence&Shining Magnezone lol. But after that I think it should be balanced.
    I'm going to research a little on effects. I'll most likely add a secondary effect the moment I get a good idea lol. I have a dumb idea of allowing the player to attach magnemite cards in replacement of a [L] energy. Like an extra storage battery.
    Aww thanks! I'm going to work on the concept a bit more and flesh it out. I wrote out a brief description of it in the original thread post.
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    Update: Added Rainbow Prism. Check original post.
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