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Alt. Format Shadow Rider Calyrex

Mega Mewthree...

A new threat has appeared.
Hi Everyone.
I know it's pretty early but I just couldn't wait to start working on this deck. This is a post rotation deck so if you want to suggest any cards, please make sure they are in sword & shield.

Pokemon - 15
3 Alcremie V
2 Alcremie VMAX
4 SR Calyrex V
4 SR Calyrex VMAX
2 Cresselia (The new one coming out next set)

Trainer - 32
2 Training Court
4 Professor's Research
4 Marnie
2 Boss's Orders (The superior Lysandre version)
1 Bruno
4 Fog Crystal
3 Evolution Incense
2 Energy Recycler
3 Exp. Share
1 Ordinary Rod
3 Switch
3 Quick Ball

Energy - 13
13 Psychic Energy

For those who are not familiar, the ideal strategy is to go first and start an Alcremie V. You should also put as many benched Pokemon down as possible(preferably Calyrex). On the second turn, you can evolve to Alcremie VMAX and use its attack to attach energy form your deck to your bench. If all goes well, you should have 10 or more energy down by the third turn so you can bring out SR Calyrex VMAX and deal over 300 damage.

This is version is kind of consistent already but I do want to make it a little bit faster. I want to replace the Bruno but couldn't find anything since Cynthia & Cailtin is rotating out.