Several 'Dream League' Cards Revealed, Including Special Full Arts!


I love the art on these, wish this would replace rainbows as have never liked the look of them but i know will just be another chase but a great direction for FA cards - guessing this is piggy backing of Pokemon masters as so trainer centric?


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So the regular is better than the GX is what you are telling me. Though the GX will have rotated out of standard by the time this releases. With thunder mountain it is a free attack but it does more damage for each energy so it takes 20 damage out of the equation. You could just load a bunch of energy on to a wail carp GX and hit with this.


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Wow, this is easily the worst set in a while in terms of bringing back Pokemon we haven't seen in a few years. It's literally just Gallade so far, and we've know most of the set at this point. lol


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Raichu is the replacement for Raichu GX in nuzzle decks next, next format. It could synergize with the UNB Raichu (Never give up) late game.


Alright so some things about the Nuzzle Archetype and why it's better post rotation. It was always a consistent deck that never needed the balls. They just gave it more consistency. I believe Elm's +Promo nuzzle Pikachu is the better option because it can get you set up faster. And all you need is an emolga+ 1 energy and you're set for the entire game. This Raichu is significantly better because it can be searched with emolga also attacks for less energy. Also since this deck is self sufficient by having the pokemon be the consistency, you are very flexible in what you could add to the deck.
Next format we are losing guzma+good spread decks. In team up, zapdos+Pikarom was everywhere so they were easily running all over this archetype. We now have Mew to protect us against Pikarom+ Reshikrom, both will be top tier archetypes you need to prepare for.
There's a lot to say about this archetype because it was an amazing style of play that just came in at the wrong time. Now it may finally have its time to shine


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What do you mean? The Raichu does 20x so if you have at least 4 [L] energy on your board then it's hitting more than the Pikachu...

They were referring to the fact that Pikachu with 3 [L] attached does 70 damage, but a Raichu with 3 [L] attached (assuming no additional energies on the board) does 60.

Also why such a heavy retreat cost...


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If your first thought wasnt xatu+will+shrine = KO every GX, then youre playing the game wrong. Its actually crackers they made this and even more dumb in expanded with hypnotoxic lasers and the burning shadows salazzle and vs seekers and fliptini haha. always liked the design of xatu as a pokemon <3


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They were referring to the fact that Pikachu with 3 [L] attached does 70 damage, but a Raichu with 3 [L] attached (assuming no additional energies on the board) does 60.

Also why such a heavy retreat cost...
Okay, that is true, but I think the point is that the Raichu doesn't have a damage ceiling, so yes for 3 energy they are only doing sixty, but chuck that baby in any Pikarom deck and you have a brilliant 1-prize attacker hitting 120+ most of the time for only one energy - busted!

Also lighting retreat costs are kinda mute as Zeraora is a thing, but I agree, usually these fast Pokemon have a low or no retreat so it's a shame to see it.


this could do pretty well with Ultra Prism Silvally GX, as it covers the memory types we lose in rotation.

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Diance boost, dojo, karate belt etc is going to be fun to play with

Me likey

Diancie Prism works. Fighting Dojo works if Gallade has a Basic Fighting energy attached but Karate Belt does not work at all with Gallade since he has no [F] in his attack cost. You could use Counter Gain instead of Karate Belt to reduce the attack cost if you are behind on prizes.