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  1. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I'm trying to work out what each set logo is supposed to be or what it's supposed to look like, but I'm really puzzled by some set logos! Some are straight forward, while others look like odd shapes.

    Base Set: Nothing.
    Jungle: Vileplume's flower.
    Fossil: A skeletal foot.
    Base Set 2: Number 2, with a Poké Ball on top.
    Team Rocket: Capital R; Team Rocket's logo.
    Gym Heroes: Big logo looks like Silver Wing, but only one branch.
    Gym Challenge: Big logo looks like Silver Wing, but only one branch.

    Neo Genesis: A star over lapped by another star.
    Neo Discovery: Ruins.
    Neo Revelation: A water splash or Entei, Raikou and Suicune coming out of Burned Tower.
    Neo Destiny: Blue star-like shape with a light grey shadow.
    Legendary Collection: A ring?
    VS: Large, blue "VS".
    Web: Large, blue "Web".
    Expedition: Lower case "e", with a circle in the middle. Japanese version has a "1" in the circle.
    Aquapolis: A building-like structure in a black tear-drop like shape, with a white outline. Japanese version has the same logo as Expedition, but with a "2" or "3" in the circle.
    Skyridge: Two mountains and one has a halo. Japanese version has the same logo as Expedition, but with a "4" or "5" in the circle.

    EX Ruby & Sapphire: Sparkling gem.
    EX Sandstorm: TBH, I always though it was Meowth's charm and paw.
    EX Dragon: Steering wheel? Dragon's eye? Lantern?
    EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua: Red and blue X shape.
    EX Hidden Legends: Regi-like cave from the outside and from a bird's-eye view.
    EX FireRed & LeafGreen: Simplistic Poké Ball-like shape. Japanese version has three pinwheel-like blades.
    EX Team Rocket Returns: Capital R on a shield/badge.
    EX Deoxys: Crudely drawn shooting star.
    EX Emerald: Horizontal rectangular gem.
    EX Unseen Forces: Ho-Oh's wing crossed with Lugia's wing.
    EX Delta Species: Holon Tower?
    EX Legend Maker: Three pine/spruce trees?
    EX Holon Phantoms: Holon Lake monuments from a bird's-eye view.
    EX Crystal Guardians: A line?
    EX Dragon Frontiers: Two mountains near the sea.
    EX Power Keepers: Two parts of the radioactive logo and the top part is replaced by 5 points.

    Diamond & Pearl: Crudely drawn gem. Japanese version has "DP1" instead of a shaped logo.
    Mysterious Treasures: 10-point star, in a black circle. Japanese version has "DP2".
    Secret Wonders: Swirls. Japanese version has "DP3".
    Great Encounters: ??? Japanese version has "DP4".
    Majestic Dawn: Crudely drawn sun rising over the horizon. Japanese version has "DP4".
    Legends Awakened: ??? Japanese version has "DP5".
    Stormfront: Yin Yang-like shape. Japanese version has a Gracidea flower.
    Platinum: Vaguely looks like Giratina Origin from above. Japanese version has "Pt1".
    Rising Rivals: ??? Japanese version has "Pt2".
    Supreme Victors: ??? Japanese version has "Pt3".
    Arceus: Has a smaller, more simplistic version of the ripple effect on Arceus' cards or is meant to look like Arceus' wheel thing from head on. Japanese version has "Pt4".
    HeatGold & Soul Silver: Ambiguous gold and silver shapes. Japanese version has a weird looking upside-down flipped 7, next to a normal looking "1".
    Unleashed: Kartana-like shape (though, since this set was made WAY before Kartana was even though of, I have no idea of what it's actually meant to be).
    Undaunted: Similar looking to Noble Victories' set logo, but the "V" shape is flipped and there's a part that curves down off of the upper right of the "V" shape. Japanese version has an upside down flipped 7, next to a normal looking "2".
    Triumphant: Two white crowns touching bases, in a black circle. Japanese version has an upside down flipped 7, next to a normal looking "3".
    Call of Legends: Two curved shapes, connected in the middle.

    Black & White: Black and white checked pattern. Japanese version has "BW1".
    Emerging Powers: ???
    Noble Victories: Victini's ears. Japanese version has "BW2".
    Next Destinies: ??? Japanese version has "BW3".
    Dark Explorers: Black heptagon shape, with a white, almost oval-like shape taken out of the top. Japanese version has "BW4".
    Dragon Vault: Serpentine-like shape. Japanese version has "DS".
    Dragon's Exalted: Two shapes that almost look like the Dragon Type Energy logo. Japanese version has "BW5".
    Boundaries Crossed: Snowflake-like shape; half of it is white on a black background, while the other half is black on a white background. Japanese version has "BW6".
    Plasma Storm: Plasma-like shield logo, with alternating black and white stripes, that start from the middle. Japanese version has "BW7".
    Plasma Freeze: Hexagonal shape with white strips going down the left side. Japanese version has "BW8".
    Plasma Blast: Genesect's head from above. Japanese version has "BW9".
    Legendary Treasures: Meteor-like shape. Japanese version has "EBB".

    XY: Heart-like shape with an X. Japanese version has "XY1".
    Flashfire: Flames or antlers from the side. Japanese version has "XY2".
    Furious Fists: Strange looking fist or boxing glove. Japanese version has "XY3".
    Phantom Forces: ??? Japanese version has "XY4".
    Primal Clash: Snorunt-like shape. Japanese version has "XY5".
    Roaring Skies: ??? Japanese version has "XY6".
    Ancient Origins: Segmented ring, presumably warping something. Japanese version has "XY7".
    BREAKthrough: ??? Japanese version has "XY8".
    BREAKPoint: 3 points in a black circle. Japanese version has "XY9".
    Generations: English version has the Kanji for "20". Japanese version has English for "20th".
    Fates Collide: Looks like Mega Alakazam's head, without any facial hair. Japanese version has "XY10".
    Steam Siege: Time Gear-like object. Japanese version has "XY11".
    Evolutions: Almost looks like Magnemite. No Japanese set logo.

    Sun & Moon: Half of a sun, next to a half moon. No Japanese set logo.
    Guardians Rising: Almost looks like a Tapu logo. No Japanese set logo.

  2. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    Emerging Powers: is an Arrow pointing up, maybe for Emerging?
    Roaring Skies: Might be a Mega Rayquaza
    Phantom Forces: Might be a Mega Gengar
    Breakthrough: Two M's, for the the two types of Mega Mewtwo
    Evolutions: Two X's making a Pokeball
    XY: an X inside of a Y
  3. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I don't really see the M's in BREAKthrough.

    I was also considering that XY looked a bit like the Fairy Energy logo.
  4. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    M on the top, M on the bottom
  5. Kavross Aspiring Trainer


    I always thought the Gym Heroes and Challenge symbols looked like little stadiums/colosseums. You can see it better in the large version
    So the disc in the center is like the stage, with rows of seating behind them

    Also I beleive the Unleashed Symbol is meant to be the crests on the legendary beasts, with the diamond on top being Suicune's, the whiskers in the middle being Raikou's, and the fangs/beard on the bottom being Entei's
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  6. AshCo ZVARRI!


    Pretty sure that upside down 7 is an "L" due to the HGSS era being the "Legend" era in Japan. :p
    Next Destinies kinda represents the Mewtwo vs Kyurem thing they had, with Battle City and all.
    Also if you look closely, in HGSS base set the two symbols are actually a G and an S next to eachother.
    Unleashed's three top spikes are representing Entei Raikou and Suicune.
    White stripes on Plasma Freeze is the sort of Ice Motif they were going for.
    BREAKpoint could be M-Gyarados.
    EX Sandstorm is the fossils of that generation.
    Dark explorers is literally a hexagonal Dark Type symbol.
    Primal Clash seems to be representing of the colored orbs with an Omega symbol in the middle.

    Always thought it represented the parallel universe shtick they had for the BREAK era, but that also could be the case.
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  7. Kavross Aspiring Trainer


    Ah yeah, its kind of an Alpha with an Omega inside it
    If you separate the letters of the double crisis symbol and flip the omega over you get a similar shape
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  8. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I thought it could be a stadium too, but it looks a bit odd.

    Funny how the beast's crests form Kartana!

    The "L" they use for Legend is really weird looking!
    The "S" in the HGSS logo doesn't really look like one.
    The Primal Clash one makes sense, too bad they didn't print it in colour.

    All I see when I look at BREAKpoint is:
  9. AshCo ZVARRI!


    Well yeah the HS in the HGSS set logo is also supposed to be a heart and a soul so they're pretty much guaranteed going to look a bit off.

    Doing a bit more research(And by that i mean google image searching BREAKpoint) I've realized that it's actually those little crest things on top front of gyarados's head, not the actual head itself.
  10. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    My thoughts and corrections:
    Fossil: Aerodactyl's Foot print
    Gym sets: are stadiums, arena's.
    Legendary Collection: It's a medal
    Aquapolis (combination of the two japanese set names)
    Skyridge (combination of the two japanese set names: Mountain and Split)
    RS: A Gem, representing a Ruby and a Sapphire
    Sandstorm: Fossils of Gen 3
    Dragon: Light House where Dragonite appeared from above? (Or Lock On move)
    Deoxys: falling meotor (aka . Deoxys)
    Crystal Guardians: A Crystal obviously
    DP: A pearl inside a diamond
    BCR: Two K's for Kyurem: Black & white.
    Plasma Freeze: The White on the logo is frost/ice
    Plasma Blast: Genesect's head from above. Japanese version has "BW9".
    Legendary Treasures: Meteor-like shape. Japanese version has "EBB".
    Primal Clash: Alpha & Omega (see orbs to Primal Reverse Kyogre and Groudon)
    ROS: Its Mega Rayquaza
    AOR: Its the warping rings from Hoopa
    BRT: Double MM for both Mega Mewtwo
    BRP: It's Gyarados
    FAT: Alakazam
    STS: Gear > Magearna

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