News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

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  1. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    Alolan marowak is awesome that so good. Also gourgheist is pretty good in combination with eco arm and oranguru. Octillery and emolga are also good. And magikarp for expanded. And kakuna for beedrill evolutions. And i dont know how starmie would be used but its also pretty good. And milotic man really good non gxs this set.
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  2. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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    All translations now up thanks to Bangiras! We should exclusively have some of the secret rare cards tomorrow night too.

    I think that's the first time I've been able to go to bed at midnight for a set reveal. Usually I'm up for days all hours of the night waiting for cards to leak...
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  3. TheRealBro..


    That Primeape art has to be my favourite art in a very long time. Hilareous, creative and awesome.
  4. Neurowolf Biology extraordinaire!


    Cincinno – Colorless – HP90
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Minccino

    [C] Huge Request: Choose 2 cards from your discard pile, show them to your opponent, and ask your opponent if you may put them in your hand. If your opponent says yes, put the cards in your hand. If your opponent says no, return the cards to your discard pile and do 80 damage to the opponent’s Active Pokemon.

    Weakness: Fighting (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    ^ This one made me laugh too hard
  5. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    Look at these Mitsuhiro Arita's artworks! They're great, what a blessed artist!

    And wow, the HP cap for Stage 2's continues to go up, look at that 180 HP Mamoswine!

    Btw, pretty meh set.
  6. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    @Water Pokémon Master @bangiras

    One more translation tidbit:
    -Kommo-o: Scale Noise > Clanging Scales (Kommo-o's signature attack in the games) Going with Clanging Scales' Defense-lowering side effect in the games, shouldn't Kommo-o take 30 more damage after using it?

    That being said, baby Kommo-o is decent, if not for Gardevoir GX ruling the format.
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  7. pete Aspiring Trainer


    i really hope altaria stays dragon not basic dragon it can be so good
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  8. Lanstar The Funny Fairy Bug


    Let me think... A Milotic Stall deck: Lead with Tapu Koko for spread damage, then keep spamming Mercy with Milotic, while using hammers/disruptions as your opponent keeps having to reset everything to a point of decking out of resources.

    If the right support appears, that could be rather cruel.
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  9. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Wow gyrados is suddenly much better with that carp
  10. bangiras Aspiring Trainer

    News Staff Member

    PlatinumDude, good catch on Kommo-o. He's fixed now.
    Pete, the Altaria lets you choose any Dragon Pokemon (including evolved Pokemon). If it was a coin flip for a single basic, it'd be pretty bad.

    Two other small edits, Marowak chooses as many energy as are attached to the opponent's Pokemon, you don't have an option to pick fewer energy than that (if you have fewer, you take as many as you can).
    Wigglytuff does the extra damage if ANY of your opponent's Pokemon has a Darkness Energy attached. I think she is pretty decent.
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  11. SceptileSquad Leaf Blade!


    Wow, that Mamoswine is bulky 0-o
  12. Mega Altaria Hard-hitting Bug
    Mega Altaria


    This set is kinda bad tbh.
    I like the synergy between oranguru and gorgeist, it's pretty cute.
    I could see the evolutions Beedrill finally becoming playable now with this Kakuna.
    Why are Kartana GX, Registeel, and Counter Catcher the most playable cards here?
    Also, I think the metal Genesect EX is going to be pretty playable now
  13. Kyrushi Squirrel


    Is no one going to point out that Crawdaunt discards TWO energies with no coin flips or anything? Because that's pretty ridiculous. I know it's costly, but with Max Elixir and Aqua patch being popular cards I can see this being a nasty way to shut down your opponent. Team Flame Grunt or Plumera can absolutely decimate your opponent's ability to do jack combined with this card.

    (Yes, i'm aware gardevoir doesn't care.)
  14. Nayla Aspiring Trainer


    I'm just praying that all of Silvally's memories will be released, eventually :(
  15. ArK9UnitChief Aspiring Trainer


    I'm really interested in the Altaria. Maybe the translation is worded wrong, but it says "Search your deck for a Dragon pokemon and put it one your bench." Doesn't say basic dragon, curious!
  16. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    It's not curious, other cards in the past made you put into your bench Evolved Pokémon. But Altaria is still a Stage 1 and Dragon cards lost Double Dragon Energy... it's not that great at all.

    The more I look at this set, the more it looks uninspired.
  17. Shishigami Aspiring Trainer


    Lots of more fun and cute direction with minimalist art. Yet at the same time, toooons of cards and art especially that don't look exactly new at all and you would swear you would had seen them before (and probably have). Slightly clawing some hope to see anything different with the style of Ultra and Secret rares yet to be seen...

    Dear Water Pokémon Master, in your 14 years of covering the TCG, what was the first time the website has done this secret preview and what reason for? Was it Steam Siege for Worlds last year??
  18. Sinister_Dusclops Aspiring Trainer


    Oh my gosh Alolan marowak ia absolutely amazing! But how would you get so much energy in the discard on the first place?
  19. Mr. Rhyperior The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
    Mr. Rhyperior


    • Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill - Now Beedrill will get 3-4 Geodudes. Because Kakuna act as Frogadier. 1/3/3-4
    • Exeggcute/Giant Exggutor - Ok. Still the same thing as I score Exeggutor. 2/2-3
    • Cacnea/Cacturne - could be a little gimmick. 2/2
    • Karrablast/Escavalier and Shelmet/Accelgor - Not worth playing. Their attacks are Trubbish. 2 Each
    • Cubone/Alolan Marowak - This seems good. 3/3
    • Numel/Camerupt - Too much expensive. 1/1
    • Magikarp/Gyarados - Amazing! I'll increase my score to Gyarados by 3-4. 3-4/3-4
    • Staryu/Starmie - Good gimmick but as a S1 escape Pokémon, not recommended. 2/3
    • Remoraid/Octillery - Spec. Energy hurts when discarded by benefitting the atk. 2/2-3
    • Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine - OMG! Prof. google loves this! 2/2/2
    • Corphish/Crawdaunt - not recommended. 1/1
    • Feebas/Milotic - A risk-taking attack just to recover damage bench. Just use Acerola instead. 2/2
    • Shellos/Gastrodon - 120 for 3 and can be buffed by Strong Energy, that is nice! 2/3
    • Regi Quartet - A good deck to be making with. 3(Ice)/3-4(Rock)/4(Steel)/3-4(Gigas)
    • Pikachu/Aloraichu - Yay! 2/3
    • Alolan Geodude/Graveler/Golem - Good attacks, especially the GX but it's too expensive. I increase Golem's score to 3. 2/2/3
    • Emolga - Good atk but the HP is depressing. 2-3
    • Gastly/Haunter/Gengar - It's a Stage 2. Too hassle. But nice ability though. 2/2/2-3
    • Misdreavus/Mismagius - A Giratina's atk but low on damage. 3/3-4
    • Chimecho - Blocks Broski and Lele to be played, same problem as Emolga. 2
    • Spoink/Grumpig - Okay! 2/3
    • Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist - good in Expanded but in standard, you shouldn't. 2/3
    • Oranguru - if the first atk was C, that would be amazing. 3
    • Salandit/Salazzle - Too Underpowered. 3/3
    • Nihilego GX - 3 Geodudes. I said it before
    • Mankey/Primeape - 0 Geodudes
    • Stufful/Bewear - Everybod loves Bewear. 2/3
    • Houndour/Houndoom - 2/2
    • Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon - I already mention it before. 2/2/2-3 (At least, Hydreigon and Kommo-O got its second and first Regular Rare, respectively in the English Set)
    • Guzzlord GX - Good atks too expensive. 3-4
    • Buzzwole GX - Good on its own. 4
    • Aron/Lairon/Aggron - Good atks for big dmg. but it is a Stage 2. 2/2/2-3
    • Mawile - 1
    • Kartana GX - A must-have in every deck. 5
    • Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff- 2/2
    • Xerneas - Okay, a non-GX atkr. 3
    • Jangmo-o/Hakamo-o/Kommo-o - Not as same as Lucario. 2/2/2-3
    • Miltank - Seems interesting. 3
    • Starly/Staravia/Staraptor - Ehh. 1/1/2
    • Swablu/Altaria - OMG, it's great! Victini/Noivern ! 2/3-4
    • Minccino/Cinccino - Remember how Undaunted Togepi's Attack becomes silly? 2/2-3
    • Bunnelby/Diggersby - Ehhh. 1/1-2
    • Type: Null/Silvally + Memory cards - Okay, I am convinced. 2/3-4 + 3-4
    • Dash Pouch - Field Blower is everywhere. 2-3
    • Gladion - good prize-seeking card needs to deserve 4 Geodudes.
    • Lusamine - I decrease the score by 4 because it's a supporter version of VS Seeker.
    • Seeking Red Card - Bye Red Card! 3
    • Ultra Space - Nobody cares special conditions and a metadeck revolving it. Just play lots of Basics. 2-3
    • Ravaged Plains - Dragons are still underpowered. 3
    • Counter Catcher/Energy - Great Strategic Card! 5 Geodudes each.
    • FAs - Always good, I never played it.
    • SRs - Where is my SR Water Energy??! That is the only SR Energy we need, Yes, In Korea, you can get this in their ETB, but hey, you know what I mean.
    Still no Durant, Throh, and Zangoose. Still a weird set with no counterparts from previous 2 Sets.
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  20. Ramo0927 I am a


    Lol our first Fates Collide in the SuMo era, and this early?

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