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    Hey guys I have a question about sending pokemon up. Ok so heres the scenario my Landorus EX has 150 damage on it and is poisoned (Virbank is in play), and say I knock out my opponent's Darkrai EX with Land's Judgement. The poison would also kill me so we would both die. Anyway who sends their pokemon up first the Darkrai player or the Landorus player? Thank You.


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    The Darkrai player sends up first, since a lot of time passes between the Lando KO and the Darkrai KO.

    ~Landorus uses Land's Judgment to KO Darkrai EX. Darkrai is discarded.
    ~Lando player takes 2 Prize Cards. The Darkrai player replaces Active.

    Between turns.

    ~Landorus is given damage counters from Poison, and is KO'd as a result. Landorus is discarded.
    ~Darkrai player takes 2 Prize Cards. The Lando player replaces Active.

    It is now the Darkrai player's turn. Play continues as normal.

    A KO in between turns is a lot different than a KO during a turn. For example...if the scenario you just mentioned happened after Time was called in a tournament match, and the Lando attacked on Turn 3 after Time was called, you would count prizes before the turn ended - and if a winner was declared there, Lando would not be KO'd from poison.
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    Poison damage takes place between turns. This is after Land Judgment. The player controlling Darkrai EX would have to replace their Pokemon first.~KA

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