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Seismitoad EX / Crawdaunt / Articuno


Aspiring Trainer

  • 4 Seismitoad EX
    3 Corphish PCL
    3 Crawdaunt PCL
    2 Shaymin EX RSK (Roaring Skies)
    2 Articuno (Delta Plus) RSK (Roaring Skies)

  • 4 Muscle Band
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Professor Sycamore
    3 N
    3 Colress
    3 VS Seeker
    3 Silent Lab
    3 Head Ringer
    3 Wally
    3 Super Scoop Up
    2 Trainer's Post
    2 Lysandre
    1 Lysandre's Trump Card
    1 Scoop Up Cyclone

  • 8 Water Energy
    4 DCE

You play Seismitoad as your main attacker. You item lock them, and get Head Ringers on quickly to keep them from attacking. Then you use Crawdaunt's ability to keep discarding any of the other person's energy (Scoop Up, rinse, repeat). Use Shaymin for increased draw. I thought since Toad has a relatively low damage output, you could use the Articuno to finish the Defending Pokemon off and get the extra prize. Wally is for getting Crawdaunt out as soon as possible. Silent Lab shuts down certain aspects of Virizion/Genesect. Basically, it's one big disruption deck.

Articuno – Water – HP120
Basic Pokemon

Δ Plus: Take 1 more Prize card if your opponent’s Pokemon is Knocked Out by damage from this Pokemon’s attacks.

[W] Cold Sigh: Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Asleep.
[W][W][C] Tri Edge: 20+ damage. Flip 3 coins. This attack does 40 more damage times the number of heads.
Weakness: Metal (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 2

Shaymin-EX – Colorless – HP110
Basic Pokemon

Ability: Setup
Once during your turn (before your attack), when you play this Pokemon from your hand to your Bench, you may draw cards until you have 6 cards in your hand.

[C][C] Sky Return: 30 damage. Return this Pokemon and all cards attached to it to your hand.
When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 1

Wally – Trainer

Search your deck for a card that evolves from 1 of your Pokemon (excluding Pokemon-EX) and put it onto that Pokemon. (This counts as evolving that Pokemon.) Shuffle your deck afterward. You can use this card during your first turn or on a Pokemon that was put into play this turn.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).


Aspiring Trainer
Wally should work, it only says that you can't use it on EX's but other than that, you can use it on any Pokemon that can evolve. Why wouldn't it work?


Aspiring Trainer
Rakkis157 said:
Wally does not work for Crawdaunt.
Freezerbern said:
Wally should work, it only says that you can't use it on EX's but other than that, you can use it on any Pokemon that can evolve. Why wouldn't it work?

Wally does not work because Crawdaunt's ability will not activate if it evolves from deck... Has to be from hand for ability to work...

Anyway, some errors:

Silent Lab negates Shaymin-EX's ability to trigger a Bianca effect(drawing until there is 6 cards in hand) when put on bench, since it is a Basic, which is covered by SL. Also, I'd replace one of the three Corphishes and one of the three Crawdaunts with AZs as a more reliable means to reuse the ability if necessary. Since you only have one line capable of evolving, knowing the one evolvable line you have can't use its ability if Wally induces evolution, Wally is unnecessary in this deck.

All in all, I suggest:


1/1 Crawdaunt
3 Wally(with one evolution line that can't use full potential if this card induces the evolution from a place other than your hand)
1-3 Silent Lab(Can't use Shaymin-EX's ability, and will put you at a stadium disadvantage if you want to use Shaymin-EX and SL's your only stadium. I suggest using a different stadium, whether fully replacing SL, or complementing SL)

2 AZs(reason mentioned above)
1-3 Rough Seas(works great w/ Waters like Toad. Can either replace SL or compliment SL)
1 Sycamore(3 Sycamore? 1 more copy that provides awesome draw power is necessary to get to par with other decks that use 4 Sycamore. Besides, What if two of your existing 3 are prized?)
1-2 Pokemon Center Lady(to provide healing power to compliment Rough Seas and fill up the remaining space from the above deletions...)

^ What do you think?