Secret Rare Versions of Tag Team Pokemon-GX Revealed!


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Seeing this, I could praise tag teams all day now. They could have just had some 5ban art for these, yet they went above and beyond. I love every single one of them, both RA and FA. (Especially that snorlax oh my God one of my favorite artists doing that made me so happy).

The sun and moon era was already pretty good, but now that they've done these? Man. They knocked it out of the park.


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I think the idea was to have at least one half of the TAG TEAM be a Kanto Pokemon. Also did you mean Sceptile? I actually think it'd be a little weird for Grovyle to be on the TAG TEAM as opposed to the final evolution stage
No I ment grovyle


Amazing artworks on all the secret rares!!! I need them all

Exactly. They have been thinking about collectors lately!

I'm simply in love with the Magikarp/Wailord artwork. Might even reach my top 10 favourite cards ever.
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So no more Rainbow Rares. While they were OK, there were just too many secret rares and all kinda the same. Now we have few and unique SR again. I still just don't like the tag team mechanism, because it's like EX again (only basics). But I guess they will only stay for the rest of this generation and in a year or so there's a new mechanism.


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The magikarp is nice and the venasaure is godly for the art work of course.;)

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Not gonna lie, never thought these were going to get full art versions.

Full Art Magikarp / Wailord looks a little too basic in my eyes, but the Full Art Venusaur / Celebi looks very good. Not much else I can really say to be honest, one thing's for sure they look really different from your typical pokemon card.