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It's been ten years since the strange phenomena known as the Cheerfultility began spreading throughout the world. First, it affected the Pokémon. Some turned docile; some turned into bloodthirsty killing machines. Eventually, the humans began to fall victim to the Cheerfultility themselves, and it was then that, through intensified efforts, humanity was able to isolate and control the Cheerfultility - for a time. It wasn't eradicated from the wild, but humans could now use it for their own ends. But over the years, humanity has gotten complacent, and now the Cheerfultility is out of control. Pokémon and humans are becoming corrupted all over the world at an alarming rate, and if nothing is done, the corruption will spread to every living thing on the planet.

Wally, once a young trainer from Verdanturf Town and now a hardened veteran in his thirties, is leading the charge against the Cheerfultility. He puts out a message that is broadcast across the world - it's a call to arms.

"My friends - we can no longer sit idle and wait for the Cheerfultility to destroy us. I am calling on everyone, young and old, novice and veteran alike, to help me bring the Cheerfultility back under control. We must all work together. This threat is bigger than any one of us. I'm sure you've all heard what happened to Team Plasma... my heart goes out to their families. Not even they deserved what happened to them, but they paid for their hubris.

"The Cheerfultility is spreading at an alarming rate, and we don't have much time left before total corruption. This is it - humanity's final stand. Will you stand with me?"

How you doing? This is the thread for Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand, the third and final set in my dark vs. light trilogy and ongoing love letter to Neo Destiny, one of the best sets of all time. It also is serving as the base set for SV Lackey. This means that rather than have the first two sets remain in SWSH era, I've compiled all three sets into one SV-era set, which means this set is absolutely titanic - larger than any real-life set and probably all fake ones.

Before we get into the thick of it, massive thanks are in order:

- @aschefield101 for his years of hard work for the community. It was him and his troubles that inspired me to have an excuse to bring these cards into the modern era. Please consider throwing him some bucks if you can afford it - if anyone deserves our support, it's him.
- @Nemes for the base Light and Dark textures - I can have all the blanks in the world but this set wouldn't exist in this era without your help. You've helped me with so many faking things in the past and I definitely appreciate it.
- @Omega for hooking me up with the dope-ass Light and Dark attribute tags and allowing me to steal your Fossil tag. They are just as important to me as anything else required to get this set off the ground. Sorry it took so long for me to get ready for you.
- @Mr. Melon for making me a fossil :) Hopefully it will become the gold standard for fossil usage.
- @Jabberwock and @KnightofDust for all their work on making my Pokemon ex look good. Appreciate you bros, after that Mewtwo-EX I don't think I have it in me to try it again.
- @NinJamezor for being so much of a slut for drawing Supporters that he agreed to do all of them, which in turn allowed me to fill this set with juicy lore and really get people immersed in the set. Thanks for being such a bro.
- @DoubleAACE for the awesome Basic Energy designs. Can't have a base set without these. I intentionally went with a simpler design this time - I know we like to get a little crazy with our Basic Energy, but I held back this time. They really are clean as hell though.

This set might have my name on it, but it literally would not, could not, exist without everyone's help. I appreciate everyone who took the time to add to this set and help make it the greatest set this site has ever seen.

Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand contains:

- 401 new cards, encompassing most cards from both SWSH: Dual Destinies and SWSH: Cheerfultility, with both sets modernized for SV era
- Even more Light and Dark Pokemon
- 18 Pokemon ex (none of that Tera nonsense though - maybe next time)
- 8 powerful ACE SPEC cards - good luck choosing one.
- Artwork from over three dozen new artists. Special shout outs to local heroes NinJamezor, rex, Jabberwock, Steffenka, Diego Brando, and a few others for drawing me artwork specifically for this set.
- Cards and card effects from as many creators in our community as I could get my hands on, some with new artwork

Let's break it down.

Dark Pokemon have decreased HP compared to normal, and their corruption has affected their Energy costs as well by throwing Darkness Energy in there. To make up for these setbacks, Dark Pokemon are strong. They may be easy to kill, but let them get powered up and you will definitely regret it.

On the other side of that coin, Light Pokemon have increased HP compared to normal. Their corruption has also affected their Energy costs, but instead of mixed color costs, their attacks cost more and do less damage. However, a lot of them have fairly strong healing options and they have enough HP to take hits from Dark Pokemon and respond.

Each faction has attribute-specific Trainer cards of all types that can surely help you turn the tide, no matter which side you choose. Note the flavor text on Trainer cards - Special Energy cards have them, too! It's a neat little thing that I think makes the set 20% cooler.

Aside from the new way Dark and Light Pokemon are handled, there are other minor changes I'm making to how certain cards work.

- The Ball attribute is for Poke Ball cards, and it's mainly to save space on wording.

- The Fossil attribute is for Fossils. It helps with wording too.

282 corrupted fossil.png
Another set, another attempt at making fossils great again.

One of humanity's crowning achievements with the Cheerfultility was using it to essentially reverse the extinction of all the fossil Pokemon. You will notice that all of the Fossil Pokemon in this set evolve from Corrupted Fossil instead of their normal fossil - it's also why this is a standard Item card (and certainly not because Creatures can't get their shit together with the whole "evolves into" thing, or because since this is meant to evolve into literally all Fossils I can't possibly fit them on the card).

Additionally - and this is the big one - it counts as both a Pokemon and Item card, allowing you to search it out like any other Pokemon. This change alone will make Fossils 6000% more viable, but I didn't stop there.

Humanity used the Cheerfultility to mass produce these corrupted fossils, which is how their extinction was reversed. Now you can too! With Replicate, having a Fossil in play to evolve from has never been easier.

But wait! There's more!

I also gave you a Supporter that can cheat your Fossils into play, freeing up the actual Corrupted Fossil to evolve into something else.

As if that weren't enough, all the fossils are really good. Maybe even too good. It's their time to shine - look forward to using them.

Standing up to the Cheerfultility is a worldwide effort. We all need to work together to combat it. By having a card in this set, you have joined the good fight against worldwide corruption. Don't see any of your cards in here? That's okay - by joining our Discord and playing some Lackey games, you can do your part. We won't turn anyone away in this time of crisis. To go even harder with the lore that we need everyone's help to save humanity, the cards in this set have been inspired by as much Pokemon media as I reasonably could - anime, games, side games, even fanfiction - the list goes on. There are over 100 Trainer cards in this set with representation from every generation, from the obvious to obscure. It was a total joy to make and I hope you guys like it.

Each card that I took from the community has been updated to SV-era strength. Some cards have been tweaked, but the inspiration is still present. Here is what I think is a complete list of everyone whose sets I pulled from and the cards which inspired at least some part of some card. If you spot one of your cards and you aren't on this list, just let me know. I didn't leave you out on purpose, I just forgot to add you to the list. My memory is absolute dog water.

@Nyora: Nyora's Fakes (Furret)
@Nyan, @Nyora, Zuty: Lost Wonders (Honedge, Corviknight, Forked Road)
@KnightofDust: Here Comes Venus! (Salamence, Radiant Aegislash), Starry Convergence (Karrablast, Cradily), Decadence of V (Charcadet, Tirtouga, Carracosta, Venus & Rui)
@steffenka: Prismatic Kingdom (Arctozolt), All Star Battles (Aerodactyl), Aquatic Partners (Froakie, Frogadier)
@Faris: All-Star Saga (Greninja)
@Hâlian: Fakers' Marathon 6 (Gardevoir), Passport to Hoenn (Safari Ball)
@Jabberwock: Plasma Revival (Kabuto, Kabutops, Cranidos, Rampardos, Bronzong)
@sandragon13: Vigilia Somnium (Shieldon)
@Nyan: GX Armada (Grimsley's Advance, Ephemeral Feather)
@NinJamezor: EX Fusion Noir (Sturdy Umbrella, Roughneck's Kindness, Sleuth Energy)
@Pone: Frontiers Renewed (Poké Mart)

Just like in real life, there are four prerelease promos for the set, each with alternate art. Why? Because I'm already going this hard and when you go this hard, the only correct solution is to go harder. The prerelease cards are Light Jirachi, Dark Hisuian Zoroark, Sawsbuck, and Eternaluv.

There are six Pokemon who have been corrupted so deeply by the Cheerfultility that they have, for various reasons, evolved into entirely new Pokemon. The six of them are collectively referred to as the Contaminated due to their exposure to high levels of the Cheerfultility. They are genuine evolutions of these Pokemon, leading some to wonder if the Cheerfultility is something to be eradicated at all if it could bring about previously unheard-of evolutions. It has spawned an entire debate about what "natural" Pokemon evolution is (exposing a Pokemon to the Cheerfultility is much the same as exposing a Pokemon to an elemental stone or letting it hold an item when traded) and how humanity's attempts to eradicate it could be akin to shooting ourselves in the foot if it could unlock some Pokemon's true potential, never mind the advancements humanity has already made by utilizing it.

The Contaminated are still considered Dark or Light despite not having the word in their name, and they have all the strengths and weaknesses of other Pokemon with that attribute.

Eternaluv is one of the Contaminated. This is one of @steffenka's existing Pokemon designs, which he graciously let me borrow and corrupt for the purposes of this set.

Pokemon that have been corrupted with the Light side of the Cheerfultility have had a desire twisted. In Eternaluv's case, a Luvdisc that had a strong desire to become the best matchmaker was amplified by the light energy from the Cheerfultility's corruption, becoming this monstrosity. Now its love energy is so powerful that any two souls it links will fall in love, with their victims all but powerless to help themselves. Even humans or Pokemon with lifelong mates cannot resist Eternaluv's spell.

Interested in seeing the rest of the Contaminated? You'll have to check out our Discord to find out more, as I'll be periodically revealing them there (along with more cards) until the set is completed.

Many thanks to both steff and NinJamezor for working with me and giving me a way to put most of these designs to paper, and for allowing me to co-opt some of their own designs for this set.

These cards will be uploaded to once the set is done. Once all the Contaminated have been revealed, I'll include the set list here, as those are the only surprises in the set.


4xx furret.png

Yeah. They're here too. God help me.

Chronologically, this set's setting is twenty years after the present day. Why twenty years? Because rex's Venus saga takes place ten years after present day, and this set is meant to encompass all of your custom sets. My own set has a time skip of ten years, so it's been twenty years. Things have changed a lot in all that time, and not everyone is as you remember them. Humans have been corrupted by the Cheerfultility. The most obvious change is the corruption marks. You'll see these on the Contaminated, but they also appear on humans too. It can appear anywhere on a person's body, and spreads out from there. The second biggest change is a slowed rate of aging - while everyone is twenty years older, those who have been corrupted only look a decade older at most.

Let's check in on a few people and see how they're doing.
366 erika's determination.png
Erika is the former Gym Leader of Celadon City, having resigned after becoming corrupted. Her corruption appeared on her neck and slowly spread up her neck and face. She is incredibly embarrassed by this, and as a result she has been in hiding for months. After Wally's call to arms, Erika has decided to be brave and fight for everyone's sake.

She wears yellow to make her Light corruption harder to see, but you can still see it peeking out above her mask if you look carefully.
378 misty's wrath.png
Misty still runs the Cerulean City Gym, and unlike Erika, Misty's Dark corruption is extremely advanced, having originated on her back and spread down both of her arms, around her neck, and across one side of her face. Also unlike Erika, Misty has embraced her corruption, as it's given her confidence and helped her keep her youthful figure even as she pushes 40 years old. The advanced corruption has made her a bit insane, but she's always been pretty hot-headed.
356 boss's orders.png
After 20 years, Paulo is now head of the International Police. His time spent as the leader of Team Break has given him unique insight into how villains operate, and some seriously bad dudes have been taken off the street under his watch. He's not a fan of Wally or his methods, though.
391 wally's decision.png
Wally is the protagonist of this set. His stated goal is to bring the Cheerfultility under control, which many people have taken to mean is open season on corrupted humans and Pokemon. This huge uptick in violence has earned him Paulo's ire, and of course, the corrupted humans aren't that fond of him, either. Wally's Gallade was also corrupted, and he keeps it locked up in his office while he stalls, hoping someone will come up with a cure for the corruption.

Wally isn't corrupted - his card is both Dark and Light for mechanical reasons.

There are nearly 40 Supporters in this set, so please look forward to learning more about everyone.

001/401 Caterpie
002/401 Dark Metapod
003/401 Dark Butterfree
004/401 Exeggcute
005/401 Scyther
006/401 Kleavor
007/401 Dark Bellossom
008/401 Nincada
009/401 Light Shedinja
010/401 Cacnea
011/401 Light Cacturne
012/401 Lileep
013/401 Cradily
014/401 Skorupi
015/401 Deerling
016/401 Sawsbuck
017/401 Karrablast
018/401 Dartrix
019/401 Fomantis
020/401 Light Lurantis
021/401 Grubbin
022/401 Dhelmise
023/401 Gossifleur
024/401 Dark Eldegoss
025/401 Snom
026/401 Frosmoth
027/401 Wo-Chien ex
028/401 Growlithe
029/401 Dark Arcanine
030/401 Light Arcanine
031/401 Cyndaquil
032/401 Quilava
033/401 Typhlosion
034/401 Slugma
035/401 Magcargo
036/401 Light Entei
037/401 Dark Victini
038/401 Darumaka
039/401 Dark Darmanitan
040/401 Light Darmanitan
041/401 Fennekin
042/401 Braixen
043/401 Delphox ex
044/401 Litleo
045/401 Pyroar
046/401 Dark Volcanion
047/401 Salandit
048/401 Dark Salazzle
049/401 Litten ex
050/401 Charcadet
051/401 Light Armarouge
052/401 Light Ceruledge
053/401 Ogerpon
054/401 Alolan Vulpix
055/401 Alolan Ninetales
056/401 Psyduck
057/401 Dark Golduck
058/401 Slowpoke
059/401 Light Slowbro
060/401 Shellder
061/401 Dark Cloyster
062/401 Horsea
063/401 Dark Seadra
064/401 Magikarp
065/401 Gyarados
066/401 Lapras
067/401 Omanyte
068/401 Omastar ex
069/401 Clamperl
070/401 Huntail
071/401 Gorebyss
072/401 Light Luvdisc
073/401 Eternaluv
074/401 Oshawott
075/401 Dewott
076/401 Hisuian Samurott ex
077/401 Tirtouga
078/401 Carracosta
079/401 Tapu Fini
080/401 Froakie
081/401 Frogadier
082/401 Greninja
083/401 Sobble
084/401 Light Drizzile
085/401 Light Inteleon
086/401 Arctozolt
087/401 Pikachu
088/401 Raichu
089/401 Voltorb
090/401 Light Electrode
091/401 Chinchou
092/401 Light Lanturn
093/401 Florexessca
094/401 Shinx
095/401 Dark Luxio
096/401 Dark Luxray
097/401 Dark Frost Rotom
098/401 Light Rotom
099/401 Joltik
100/401 Galvantula
101/401 Stunfisk ex
102/401 Light Charjabug
103/401 Light Vikavolt
104/401 Zeraora
105/401 Yamper
106/401 Boltund
107/401 Toxel
108/401 Toxtricity ex
109/401 Pincurchin
110/401 Galarian Ponyta
111/401 Galarian Rapidash
112/401 Alolan Marowak
113/401 Gastly
114/401 Light Haunter
115/401 Light Gengar
116/401 Mew
117/401 Hisuian Typhlosion ex
118/401 Togepi
119/401 Togetic
120/401 Togekiss
121/401 Shadow Lugia
122/401 Ralts
123/401 Light Kirlia
124/401 Light Gardevoir
125/401 Mawile
126/401 Mega Mawile ex
127/401 Shuppet
128/401 Light Banette
129/401 Eternal Flower Floette
130/401 Munna
131/401 Musharna
132/401 Espurr
133/401 Dark Meowstic
134/401 Light Meowstic
135/401 Inkay
136/401 Dark Malamar
137/401 Cosmog
138/401 Cosmoem
139/401 Lunala
140/401 Sinistea
141/401 Dark Polteageist
142/401 Shadow Rider Calyrex
143/401 Tinkatink
144/401 Light Tinkatuff
145/401 Light Tinkaton
146/401 Sandshrew
147/401 Sandslash ex
148/401 Cubone
149/401 Kabuto
150/401 Kabutops
151/401 Aerodactyl
152/401 Gligar
153/401 Dark Gliscor
154/401 Bramscor
155/401 Shuckle
156/401 Cranidos
157/401 Rampardos
158/401 Drilbur
159/401 Dark Cobalion
160/401 Dark Terrakion
161/401 Dark Virizion
162/401 Light Keldeo
163/401 Mudbray
164/401 Dark Mudsdale
165/401 Sandygast
166/401 Palossand ex
167/401 Hisuian Decidueye
168/401 Stufful
169/401 Light Bewear
170/401 Stonjourner
171/401 Clobbopus
172/401 Grapploct
173/401 Light Falinks
174/401 Folkon
175/401 Bulbasaur
176/401 Light Ivysaur
177/401 Light Venusaur
178/401 Oddish
179/401 Dark Gloom
180/401 Gloom ex
181/401 Light Gloom
182/401 Light Vileplume
183/401 Koffing
184/401 Weezing ex
185/401 Poochyena
186/401 Mightyena
187/401 Light Seviper
188/401 Feudfang
189/401 Spiritomb
190/401 Light Drapion
191/401 Trubbish
192/401 Garbodor
193/401 Pawniard
194/401 Dark Bisharp
195/401 Dark Kingambit
196/401 Dark Eternatus
197/401 Maschiff
198/401 Mabosstiff
199/401 Magnemite
200/401 Magneton
201/401 Magnezone ex
202/401 Aron
203/401 Light Lairon
204/401 Light Aggron
205/401 Light Jirachi
206/401 Shieldon
207/401 Bastiodon
208/401 Bronzor
209/401 Dark Bronzong
210/401 Dark Durant
211/401 Excadrill
212/401 Escavalier
213/401 Light Genesect
214/401 Honedge
215/401 Doublade
216/401 Aegislash ex
217/401 Corviknight
218/401 Cufant
219/401 Dark Copperajah
220/401 Varoom
221/401 Light Revavroom
222/401 Alolan Exeggutor ex
223/401 Dark Kingdra
224/401 Altaria
225/401 Bagon
226/401 Shelgon
227/401 Salamence
228/401 Dark Druddigon
229/401 Light Reshiram
230/401 Light Zekrom
231/401 Light Kyurem
232/401 Tyrunt
233/401 Tyrantrum
234/401 Jangmo-o
235/401 Dark Hakamo-o
236/401 Dark Kommo-o
237/401 Applin
238/401 Flapple
239/401 Appletun
240/401 Dipplin
241/401 Hydrapple
242/401 Derkabelle
243/401 Rattata
244/401 Light Raticate
245/401 Jigglypuff ex
246/401 Dark Chansey
247/401 Detessey
248/401 Porygon ex
249/401 Sentret
250/401 Furret
251/401 Teddiursa
252/401 Ursaring
253/401 Ursaluna
254/401 Stantler
255/401 Wyrdeer
256/401 Smeargle
257/401 Lugia
258/401 Dark Ninjask
259/401 Skitty
260/401 Light Delcatty
261/401 Swablu
262/401 Dark Zangoose
263/401 Shaymin
264/401 Buneary
265/401 Lopunny
266/401 Hisuian Zorua
267/401 Dark Hisuian Zoroark
268/401 Ducklett
269/401 Light Swanna
270/401 Landorus
271/401 Rowlet
272/401 Rookidee
273/401 Corvisquire
274/401 Wooloo
275/401 Dubwool
276/401 Dark Cramorant
277/401 Ancient Heavy Ball
278/401 Ancient Record
279/401 Beckoning Hand
280/401 Bomb Ball
281/401 Control Gauntlet
282/401 Corrupted Fossil
283/401 Crimson Megaphone
284/401 Damage Mover
285/401 Dark Hammer
286/401 Energy Amplifier
287/401 Energy Retrieval
288/401 Fame Checker
289/401 Fiery Drum
290/401 Fresh Water
291/401 Golden Seed
292/401 Horn of Futility
293/401 Jet Ball
294/401 Lake Ball
295/401 Light of Devolution
296/401 Lingering Darkness
297/401 Max Repel
298/401 Old Verse
299/401 Pal Pad
300/401 Pester Ball
301/401 Poké Flute
302/401 Radical Tonic
303/401 Rare Candy
304/401 Safari Ball
305/401 Scoop Up Cyclone
306/401 Shady Directive
307/401 Shop ’N Squirtle
308/401 Short-Circuiting Drone
309/401 Sinister Bell
310/401 Slowpoke’s Weather Report
311/401 Standoff
312/401 Stardust Vial
313/401 Switch
314/401 Timer Ball
315/401 Transparent Walls
316/401 Trozei Beamer
317/401 Wand of Light
318/401 Wondrous Potion
319/401 Badge of Contentment
320/401 Brawny Gear
321/401 Curse Bangle
322/401 Dark Whistle
323/401 Dream Mist
324/401 Ephemeral Feather
325/401 Lansat Berry
326/401 Lobber Gear
327/401 Lucky Coin
328/401 Lum Berry
329/401 Matching Scarves
330/401 Panic Button
331/401 Resonant Guard
332/401 Sturdy Umbrella
333/401 Technical Machine: Cheerful Blessing
334/401 Technical Machine: Dark Futility
335/401 Technical Machine: Finishing Touch
336/401 Technical Machine: Miracle Force
337/401 Technical Machine: Stardust
338/401 Technical Machine: Super Lightning Blade
339/401 Teleport Badge
340/401 Tool Jammer
341/401 Ash Field
342/401 Calming Campfire
343/401 Dragon Paradise
344/401 Forked Road
345/401 Indigo Plateau
346/401 Ironwood Forest
347/401 Lagoon Colosseum
348/401 Moonlight Gorge
349/401 Poké Mart
350/401 Primrose Prairie
351/401 Quiet Beach
352/401 Ruined Valley
353/401 Starry Sky
354/401 Valencia Island
355/401 Blake Hall
356/401 Boss’s Orders
357/401 Brendan’s Will
358/401 Cassidy's Influence
359/401 CassiopeiaStarBoss
360/401 Charity & Hope & Faith
361/401 Clair's Passion
362/401 Coin's Judgment
363/401 Dahlia’s Big Chance
364/401 Don Roger
365/401 Eleanor
366/401 Erika’s Determination
367/401 Farmer
368/401 Grand Master Jack
369/401 Grimsley’s Advance
370/401 Guzma’s Destruction
371/401 Hop’s Research
372/401 Jasmine’s Deception
373/401 Julie
374/401 Kris
375/401 Lenora’s Curation
376/401 Lunick’s Protection
377/401 Meiko Okamoto
378/401 Misty’s Wrath
379/401 Nia’s Whimsical Cheer
380/401 Nobunaga’s Ambition
381/401 Plumeria
382/401 Professor Remington
383/401 Professor’s Research
384/401 Puzzle Master Mewtwo
385/401 Repentant Clover
386/401 Rita’s Best Effort
387/401 Roughneck’s Kindness
388/401 Sonia’s Strategy
389/401 Unlucky Charm
390/401 Venus & Rui
391/401 Wally’s Decision
392/401 Xatu’s Appraisal
393/401 Yellow's Healing Touch
394/401 Corrupt Energy
395/401 Critical Energy
396/401 Fortify Energy
397/401 Generator Energy
398/401 Miraculous Energy
399/401 Shift Energy
400/401 Sleuth Energy
401/401 Split Energy


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1. This expansion is VERY interesting.
2. If you give me permission, I would love to help create cards with you. I love the text on the cards, but no offense, the drawings are ok.
3. 401 cards are a lot to make, but when you do, I’ll definitely get some to play with.
1. This expansion is VERY interesting.
2. If you give me permission, I would love to help create cards with you. I love the text on the cards, but no offense, the drawings are ok.
3. 401 cards are a lot to make, but when you do, I’ll definitely get some to play with.
The drawings are indeed okay. I'm not sure what you're getting at with this.

Most of the cards are done already, so I don't need help in that regard. If you're an artist, there are some cards I do need art for!
There wasn’t anywhere I was getting with my previous post. I really love the idea of this new “expansion” and would love to be able to contribute. I am a relatively new person to be with pokebeach, and I love it so much. If there are ANY cards you need artwork for, please don’t be afraid to contact me. Also, could you tell me where the area is for new different ways to play TCG, that would be helpful.
If you're interested, join our Discord (it's linked in my signature). We would love to see your artwork and help you get playing on our simulator.
Here is a list of all the Pokemon (excluding Pokemon ex or art I've already asked for that I'm waiting on) that I still need art for:
  • Litleo
  • Pyroar
  • (Light) Armarouge
  • (Light) Ceruledge
  • (Light) Falinks
  • Pawniard
  • (Dark) Bisharp
  • Maschiff
  • Mabosstiff
  • Doublade
  • (Dark) Copperajah
  • Tyrunt
  • (Dark) Hakamo-o
  • Corvisquire

If you know of any suitable art I can use, or want to draw these yourself, feel free. Hit me up if you can help.
I think I might be able to make something work out. I don’t have a discord account, so when you finally “Release” it, please let me know. Are a few weeks acceptable for your schedule?
I think I might be able to make something work out. I don’t have a discord account, so when you finally “Release” it, please let me know. Are a few weeks acceptable for your schedule?
I will still need artwork regardless of "release" date. If you want me to reserve a piece for you, let me know, so I can let others know not to do it.
Sure. How long do you think it'll be before they're done?
Summer break is surprisingly hard to fit things into. I’m away at camp for the next month, so I can get it to you before September. Lmk if that’s a problem. I completely understand if it is.