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Standard Savage Darkness (Zoroark BREAK / Darkrai EX)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Hemos, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    Finally got all the Zoroarks I need to make this, so I thought I'd share my decklist for a new deck I made up yesterday. Again, it's not perfect, but I think this works better than the Luxray BREAK deck I posted recently. There's still more room for improvement, so if there's anything you can suggest, and if I have the cards to work with, I'll try and amp it up :)

    I'm also considering swapping the Switch cards with Escape Rope, considering Zoroark's Stand In ability to force my opponent to swap out to a different Pokémon and then send Zoroark back in with no repercussion.

    EDIT 1: I've made revisions to this deck based on TuxedoBlack's suggestions. There's some cards I still lack (I don't think I have any Level Balls, I might have accidentally traded the one I knew I had earlier ^^; ), but this is a bit closer to what was suggested. And yes, I know some cards are going to be put out of rotation soon, so this is just a temporary fix until I can get another Darkrai EX and the other suggested cards

    • 4 Zorua (BREAKthrough 89 and 90)
    • 3 Zoroark (BREAKthrough 91)
    • 2 Zoroark BREAK (BREAKthrough 92)
    • 2 Yveltal EX (XY 08)
    • 2 Darkrai EX (BREAKpoint 74 and 118)
    • 2 Yveltal (Radiant Collection 2 16)
    • 2 Absol (Roaring Skies 40)
    • 1 Malamar EX (Phantom Forces 58)
    Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Cards:
    • 2 Puzzle of Time
    • 2 Tierno
    • 2 Pokémon Center Lady
    • 1 Brigette
    • 4 Shauna
    • 2 Reverse Valley
    • 4 Ultra Ball
    • 4 Professor Sycamore
    • 1 AZ
    • 2 Float Stone
    • 1 Sacred Ash
    • 11 Darkness Energy
    • 2 Dangerous Energy (Reduced 1 as it can't be searched by Oblivion Wing)
    • 4 Double Colorless Energy

    The main strategy is around getting Zorua to Zoroark as quickly as possible, and use Nasty Plot to freely use the strongest or most crippling move on the defending Pokémon. Darkrai serves as a backup, powering up its Dark Pulse with all the energy I can get out onto my Pokémon.

    If there's anything you can suggest, feel free to let me know, and if I can change it up, I will :)
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  2. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    My first reaction to your deck's listed Pokémon is that there seems to be "too much" going on. I believe your deck would be more effective if you streamlined your deck to just the essential Pokémon. For example, should the 1-of Absol EX or M Absol EX be prized, then you've effectively could lose the use of M Absol EX alltogether.

    Consider the following suggested deck changes for improvement, IMO:

    -1 Absol EX - there are better D Pokémon attackers
    -1 M Absol EX - without a Spirit Link, you lose a turn
    -1 Tyranitar EX requires too much time to power-up and needs some pre-damage support
    -2 Sableye - not really helpful
    -1 Energy Recycler - other cards are more versatile
    -2 Great Ball - other cards are more versatile
    -2 Wally - Ultra Balls can be faster and these can dump needed D energy into your discard pile (which Yveltal can Oblivion Wing onto a benched Pokémon)
    -1 Brigette - 1 should be sufficient
    -3 Switch - not really needed if you Float Stones attached to your Zoroark
    -6 D energy - 15 is quite excessive

    +1 Darkrai EX - another main attacker
    +1 Yveltal (BKT) - alternate attacker that can terrorized both opponent's Active and benched (EX) Pokémon
    +1 AZ - to recover wounded and/or reuse Absol
    +2 Float Stone - for Zoroark free retreat
    +2 Level Ball - to help get your Zorua out faster
    +4 Ultra Ball - to help get any Pokémon and can dump D energy for Yveltal
    +4 Professor Sycamore - card-draw support
    +2 Shauna - more card-draw support
    +1 Sacred Ash - for Pokémon recovery
    +2 DC energy - these should be maxed out

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
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  3. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    OK,, thanks for the list of improvements. I'll need to get hold of another Darkrai, Yveltal BKT and AZ to make those changes work (I only have the two Darkrai for now, getting a third shouldn't be too hard, and I have neither of the other two), and I can probably salvage DCs from older decks (Whilst I have a LOT of them, they're all used between all my decks). I'll keep the original formula as a Version 1, and make the mods for this one as soon as I can. Though admittantly I'm a little worried about using just the 10 energy overall, would be a first for me to run a deck with very minimal energy, but if it works then I can't argue with results :)
  4. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    I understand your feeling about energy shortage - drives me nuts when I can't draw into energy when needed and odds are favorable.

    At the end of the day, YOU have to be comfortable with your deck. So, consider making a few suggested changes , then play-test, play-test, play-test until you are comfortable and like the deck's configuration making needed tweaks as you go from 1 version to another.
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  5. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    *nods* I'll try and get the additional Darkrai and AZ first, then I'll see about editing it. I believe I have ample amounts of the other cards, so it shouldn't be a problem to find them :)
  6. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    Got some more cards in trades (I couldn't go to that event to get another Darkrai due to sickness, and none of the people at my UK club had any to trade.) I was able to get a Malamar EX, 2 AZ, some XY Yveltal (No-one has the BKT one ^^;), and most of the other cards I should have so I can make amendments. (Funnily enough they also suggested Sycamore and Float Stones too :p). Once I've done some tweaking I'll make an amendment to the first post. Though I'll try keeping the Energy as-is on top of maxing DC, but I'll see what I can swap out for depending on what I have on hand trainer wise.
  7. DatSonicAce Latios Superfan


    I would also suggest getting hold of 2 Remoraid and 2 Octillery. Shaymins are expensive, and I realize you are a budget player so Octillery will do just fine. I highly suggest making every single correction TuxedoBlack suggests, he knows exactly what he's talking about. Please note that 10 energy is sufficient, and while you may not be comfortable with this, the open spots in your deck leave room for extra draw support which will get you your energies.
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  8. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    It's not that I'm a budget player, my main problem is that where I'm between two countries, it's harder for me to get Pokémon cards in Ireland due to set availability and prices (The Tesco either have the most recent set or are 1-2 sets behind), but I do have limits when it comes to spending on single cards. I have 1 Shaymin, and it's currently sitting in my Rayquaza deck.

    I'll try and stick as close to Tuxedo's suggestions as possible, I should practice with a deck with less energy (Though saying that I was playing someone with a Greninja BREAK deck earlier, and they made sure they were overflowing with Energy cards. Didn't help them that I shot down most of their cards before they could get a Greninja army going though XD) Also, which set are the Remoraid/Octillery from?
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  9. DatSonicAce Latios Superfan


    Oh I didn't realize you weren't USA. My bad. I have heard how hard it is to get cards in the UK from Youtubers.
    Please know that it all depends on the deck for energy count, energy scaling decks typically play 13 at most. Yveltal typically plays 10, while for whatever reason, some lists run up to 12. Flareon is one of the very few decks that runs 13, as it is completely dependent upon its energy, and can't feed off of your opponent. Yveltal, while energy scaling, doesn't need as much as Flareon because it can feed off your opponent's mistake of attaching "too much" energy.
    Remoraid/Octillery are from BREAKthrough. The Remoraid you should use is the one with the attack "Ion Pool". Discarding a Stadium could be critical.
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  10. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    I'll keep that in mind, and I'll try and grab some more BREAKthrough when I spot them. Still gotta top up on Fates Collide and Generations (will be SO glad when the ETB comes out for that one), but I'll try looking for that or seeing what they cost on eBay. How many copies of those two do you suggest?
  11. DatSonicAce Latios Superfan


    You should run a 2-2 line. My friend plays Darkrai/Malamar/Golduck with Octillery for draw support. It beat me last night pretty badly. So take that as an example of Octillery's power. I think it would fit just fine in a Darkrai/Yveltal/Malamar list such as yours.
  12. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    Kk, I'll see ifi can grab them. Which cards would i need to replace to include them?
  13. DatSonicAce Latios Superfan


    I would have to see an updated list with Tuxedo's corrections before I do so. The other option is I post an example list that I would play.
  14. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    Ah, I edited the first post. I didn't know it would have been better to post it as a new list ^^:
  15. DatSonicAce Latios Superfan


    That's ok. Here is what I suggest you streamline your list to be:
    P:18 T: E:
    2 Zorua "Moonless Madness" BKT
    2 Zoroark BKT
    2 Remoraid "Ion Pool" BKT
    2 Octillery BKT
    3 Darkrai EX BKP
    2 Yveltal GEN RC2 16
    1 Yveltal BKT
    2 Yveltal EX XYP 08
    2 Malamar EX PHF

    4 Puzzle of Time BKP
    4 Max Elixir BKP
    4 Ultra Ball ROS
    4 Trainers' Mail ROS
    2 Lysandre AOR
    4 VS Seeker PHF
    4 Professor Sycamore
    You get the picture.
  16. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    I'll keep it in mind, but I don't have Yveltal BKT, a 2nd Malamar EX, a 3rd Darkrai EX, the Remoraid/Octillery combo, only 3 Puzzles, and I know that none of the people at my club had doubles or were willing to trade as I didn't have anything they're after. All my Vs Seekers are currently in a different deck, and I'd have to see how many Max Elixir I have.

    I'll try running Revision 1 first, I never even gave the base deck a try ^^; Plus removing Zoroark BREAK would pretty much kill the deck as that's what I built it around to begin with, ya know?

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