Saturday, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

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RE:  Saturday, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

PokemonSteve said:
To be honest, the voices sound like a pokemon spin off.
Exactly. This has been said before, but why try to imitate the voices if we know we won't recognize them.


Hmmm. I haven't seen heard their voices and haven't seen it yet. where I'm from there is no WB or UPN. There is no Pokemon with May, only reruns on Cartoon Network. T_T. Anyways I cn't watch it on this computer because It's a public Library computer and only have an hour to be on it. But what other say is exactly what it is, their view points and such. But it also influences what I'll think of now. I do hope that I won't be bothered by their voices so that I won't pay attention to the show.


Sorry WPM, but you're wrong about the Narrator thus proving that your source is bogus

Rachael Lillis today confirmed that Phil Bartlett who was the original narrator is currently in Los Angeles working there and has been for quite a while as seen Here. Plus he was not in the credits. I can provide screenshots if you wish

Sorry but you've been had and so have BMG, ANN & Wikipedia who have those false actor listings. Half a Dozen people olisted by them were NOT in the special

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That is because some of them do not have their contracts with PUSA permanent yet. That is the original narrator - his voice was absolutely the same. You can tell when someone is immitating - he was not. Just because he has been in LA for a period of time does not mean he can't have done the voice. Specials are created months in advance, you know.

Also, according to Lillis:
"> > I can confirm that one. Yes, it was Phillip Bartlett. I believe our
> new
> > Ash is the same person who used to do "Richie" for 4Kids
too, but I
> > don't have confirmation on that as of yet."

Also, I know that you are Serebii, and I do not appreciate you ban-evading, plus trying to discredit me yet again. You are banned - again.


I to hated that they used differint voice actors but the overall idea was pretty good.


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Today I caught both episodes and only thing really wrong with mastermind was that ash and brock wern't that good but overall it was awesome and the onix one was awesome and the error on that episode was probobly made because the y is not far from the i and I even make that kind of mistake sometimes but it was a good episode and I liked it.:)
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