Saturday, 7/15, Happy B-Day PB!

Water Pokémon Master

I like Pokemon more than you! :p
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You don't have to discuss. I have to make a new thread with every news story no matter what, or it won't let me post. :p


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7,5 Years?! I guess "all that jazz" is why my daily computer routine is something like this:
Switch on computer
open browser
Check Poké
Be astonished with all the latest Pokémon news
Do other stuff

It´s faboulus! Happy Birthday Pokébeach!
*Sings "Ja må han leva" in Swedish*

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Big Congratulations to you Water Pokemon Master. The site may not be like you like it, But from my point of view is the Best Pokemon Related site I have seen, It gives news about everything: TCG, Anime, Games, Merchandise, so Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday to the Site.


"Pokemon Gotta catch em all Pokemon"
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I got here about 1 year and 4 months after it opened and I love this site because it gets better all the time.:)