Saturday, 3/11, Manene and Manyula Name Hints, EX HP Factoid, Mew/Lucario and Special


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Maybe Multi, Rainbow and DRE in Holon Phanthoms to make 118?
When I looked at Flygon again, it looks like 110. Maybe there's no Eeveelutions * nor Dark and Metal energy in it? If Gyrados* is 102, mewtwo*103, Pika * 104, Energys 105 to 110.

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Mew Ex, Lucario EX, Mightyena EX and Crawdaunt EX were the theme tins, may be similar. As for the new names I had a few guesses for but nothing I'd want to share. Only one sounded good. Crawdaunt was a let down. it needs dark, not water. Im hoping not another mew and Lucario is a no go likely, but who knows. Either way not buying much of it. THe energys will suck up your alt foils like Uf's unknowns


RE: Saturday, 3/11, Manene and Manyula Name Hints, EX HP Factoid, Mew/Lucario and Spe


After a careful obseravtion to the set number, it looks like 113 to me, becaise sometimes the 3 might be confused as 8...

According to my speculation with the 102 Gyarados...

1/113 Armadlo
2/113 Cradily
3/113 Deoxys
4/113 Deoxys
5/113 Deoxys
6/113 Deoxys
7/113 Flygon
8/113 Gyarados
9/113 Kabutops
10/113 Kingdra
11/113 Latias
12/113 Latios
13/113 Omaster
14/113 Persian
15/113 Pidgeot
16/113 Raichu
17/113 Rayquaza
18/113 Vileplume
19/113 Aerodactyl

97/113 Crawduant ex
98/113 Mew ex
99/113 mightyena ex
100/113 Espeon *
101/113 Flareon *
102/113 Gyarados *
103/113 Jolteon *
104/113 Mewtwo *
105/113 Pikachu *
106/113 Umbreon *
107/113 Vaopreon *
108/113 Grass Energy
109/113 Fire Energy
110/113 Water Energy
111/113 Ligntning Energy
112/113 Psychic Energy
113/113 Fighting Energy


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I just checked the original image sent to me, before it was compressed, and it is indeed an 8. It has complete circles and is not half circles like a 3.


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RE: Saturday, 3/11, Manene and Manyula Name Hints, EX HP Factoid, Mew/Lucario and Spe

Holo Energy make your deck look spiffy. :D

Jr. Mime is the lamest name ever. If he's definitely having a title in his name, "Jr." will probably be it...

Sneasel's a sneaky weasel? So... slash... Slashel? :x Maybe "slash" is not to be taken literally. Guess only time will tell.

Would they really release two consecutive Mew ex? Have they ever done that before (release two Pokémon-ex in two consecutive sets)? I know we know about Lucario's existance (and English name), but since technically we won't truly know about him until Diamond and Pearl, the odds of Lucario ex being in this set is virtually zero, I'd say.

Perhaps they are changing the way they organize the set. Or maybe there will be five secret rares that are actually included in the 118 cards... five different boxtoppers maybe? That wouldn't make sense, would it? I suppose it would make people buy more boxes... or can you see the boxtopper plain as day when you get it, before you open it?


I thought Jr. Mime from the beggining, but there goes my theory of Manyula name involving a king (The crown on it's head).

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RE: Saturday, 3/11, Manene and Manyula Name Hints, EX HP Factoid, Mew/Lucario and Spe

Anyway I could see some pics of the Eeveeloution *'s?


On the anime After ash lost the last round in the hoen league he went home and brcok may and max went somewhere else 4 a while so the event took place in that moment

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^Why double post? Just edit the first one...

WPM, I'd LOVE it if there were 8 stars in one set, it would give me a reason to do more than just judge my PRs. :D

And if you want a king's name, how about "Slashalot"? lol

Mew/Lucario special...I'd love to watch little kids scream their heads off when they see a Registeel.