Saturday, 11/3, Carddex Updated, Base Set Scans Added

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natedawg161992 said:
Grave of the fireflies is sooooo sad. It made me cry and never want me to see again
Yeah, it just ended - I was crying too at the end, and I didn't think it would be so sad when I first heard about it (this was my first time watching it). But I think I will watch it again because it makes me want to cherish everyone in my family. It was still very sad... and to think things like that happen every day.

And if you have those missing cards that Shakespeare listed, please scan them at 300 DPI and send them to [email protected]


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I caught the 7 and a half hour marathon on CN over the weekend and it was AWESOME and I caught on olden pond and tactics theeactrics too yesterday and I discovered that I do have boomerang but only on demand so I also watched island of the prehistoric pokemon too. and I will watch the chansey episode later on and they call it pokemon 03 and pokemon 04 for both episodes and I have yugioh an EVEN dragon ball z on demand and tons of other stuff to watch whenever I want.:)


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lol neat. some of the card links give me errors in the modified card dex when I click on them tho. Gah I havent been here in a long time. Are you going to make a 'National' Card dex, with every card released in the US. thatd be so neat lmao.


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Cool, I like the new modified carddex. The search tool is great, I think it can be improved to be like the one in Pokemon TCG official site. Anyway, thanks and congratulations to WPM and everyone involved in making this awesome new feature in the site.


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Oh yeah, you also need to remember to at least say 7PM PST. So they'll know they need to go look it up themselves. rather than miss half of it, etc ;P