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Standard Sandaconda VMAX & Inteleon


Collecting, playing, & making family memories.
1. Sandaconda VMAX SWSH6 x3
2. Sandaconda V SWSH1 x4
3. Inteleon SWSH6 x2
4. Inteleon SWSH1 x1
5. Drizzile SWSH1 x3
6. Sobble SWSH6 x3
7. Mew SM10 x1
1. Boss’s Orders x3
2. Energy Spinner x1
3. Evolution Incense x3
4. Guzma & Hala x1
5. Level Ball x2
6. Mallow & Lana x3
7. Marnie x2
8. Path to the Peak x2
9. Professor’s Research x4
10. Quick Ball x4
11. Reset Stamp x1
12. Scoop Up Net x4
13. Telescopic Sight x2
1. Fighting Energy x6
2. Strong Energy x4
3. Capture Energy x1
I found this list on Pokémoncard.com. Anything that I can do to improve it?

Dark Espeon

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Hi Charmaster:),

Nice deck. Consider these modifications:

- 1 Guzma and Hala (the Inteleon engine provides more convenient search than Guzma and Hala)
- 3 Mallow and Lana (use two Cheryl instead when you want to shift the energy to another Sandaconda Vmax)
- 2 Scoop Up Net (two to three are sufficient since it is mainly used to pick up the Inteleon line and reuse it)
- 1 Capture Energy (not needed with a good ball engine and the Inteleon line)
- 1 Boss's Orders (two suffice and you can search for it with the Inteleon engine)

+ 2 Cheryl (heal all evolution Pokémon at once and conserve energy with Sandaconda Vmax's second attack and Sirfetchd V)
+ 1 Sobble SWSH6 (Keep Calling is real good and you want to maximize the use of the Inteleon engine)
+ 1 Level Ball (make sure to get Sobble and Drizzile out fast)
+ 1 Marnie (wanted at least seven draw trainers)
+ 1 Escape Rope (additional switch card that allows you to move the opponent's active Pokémon to the bench too)
+ 2 Sirfetchd V (nice cleaner who also combos with Cheryl since it moves energy from one of your Pokémon to itself to allow Cheryl to heal without downside)

Hope this provides some initial assistance.