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Standard Salazzle GX/ Decidueye GX


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Pokemon (17)
4 salandit (dragon majesty)
4 Salazzle gx (bus)
4 rowlet (sm)
4 Decidueye gx (sm)
1 tapu lele gx (gr)

Supporters (13)
4 cynthia (UP)
4 lillie (UP)
2 professor elm's lecture (lost thunder)
2 guzma (bus)
1 fisherman (CES)

Items (18)
3 choice band (SM)
2 nest ball (sm)
2 timer ball
4 ultra ball (every set imaginable)
2 max potion (GR)
1 rescue stretcher (GR)
4 rare candy (SM)

Stadium (1)
Heat factory prism star (LT)

Energy (11)
11 fire energy

just a little deck that might be fun to try. I used to play a lot of Salazzle lurantis promo but once bridgette got rotated the deck just couldn't stay consistent enough. With professor elm coming in, it should help get set up much faster. Went with decidueye instead of lurantis promo since decidueye grants the same amount of damage but can choose where that damage goes.
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Lord Goomy

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Great Ball? I don’t know, it seems slow. Try cutting those and Fisherman for any combination of Nest and Timer Ball. That’s what I’d do.


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forgot about timer ball, that would be a pretty good option to have. i like the option of fisherman just in case i lose to many energy and also could get the energy to discard again for draws with heat factory


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Not sure if I can even post this due to it's semi-counter productive nature, but here it goes.
I don't thin kthat this would even be a fun deck to play. Mainly because there is little to no synergy. Salazzle wants to be in a deck with a beefy main attacker to do the heavy lifting for the first 3-4 prizes then she comes in a finishes it off and I frankly do not see it happening with this deck.
I only bring this up because maybe it's something you might not have seen before or just didn't know otherwise.

That being said, maybe it would be better to shift it to maybe a Blachephelon list or the always-good Ho-Oh/Kiawe variant? I am not trying to be toxic or anything, just figured iId put in my two cents.