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    So after playing in a Team Up prerelease yesterday and pulling a FA Sabrina's Suggestion :D, I thought of a situation when you might use one. Say you play Sabrina's Suggestion from your hand and your opponent has their own Sabrina's Suggestion in their hand. If you select your opponent's Sabrina's Suggestion, what would happen? Would it allow you to use a supporter in your own hand as the effect of your own Sabrina's Suggestion?

    For quick reference, here's what Sabrina's Suggestion states:

    Sabrina’s Suggestion – Trainer
    Your opponent reveals their hand. You may choose a Supporter card you find there and use the effect of that card as the effect of this card.
    You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

    Side Note: Usually cards like this will state that you can't choose a card with the same name, but it seems that part is missing from Sabrina's Suggestion. Whether that's purposeful or not, I don't know.

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    No confirmation for this, but I believe you look at your opponent's hand again.
    When you use the effect of your opponent's Sabrina using your Sabrina, you are just using the effect of that card. The effect reads to look at your opponent's hand, and you are still you and your opponent is still your opponent at that point. So you just look at your opponent's hand, and choose another supporter there.
    Similarly, think about Mega Gengar EX (PHF 35) (, which has a similar effect in that you are copying something from your opponent. If you use your Phantom Gate to copy another Phantom Gate, you don't then copy an attack from your own Pokemon, you use another attack from your opponent's Pokemon. The same effect should therefore apply to Sabrina's Suggestion.
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