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Let us assume that a deck runs Mewtwo V-union and has discarded three of the four parts already. Do the four parts of Mewtwo V-Union count as three Pokémon in the discard pile for any attaks that count the number of Pokémon in the discard pile?


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They count as three pokemon when calculating damage based on discarded pokemon.

Proof here.

Or, no links? Compendium time!

Pokegym compendium says:
Attacks » Matron's Anger
Q: If I attack with Wormadam's "Matron's Anger" and I have 3 parts of a V-Union Pokemon in my discard pile, does that count as three Pokemon for adding to the attack damage?
A: Yes, in this case "Pokemon" in Matron's Anger's attack text means "Pokemon Cards".
Source: Brilliant Stars FAQ; TPCi Rules Team (2022-02-24)
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