Pokemon Rights for Pikachu in the Alola Region

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by crystal_pidgeot, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Something I noticed on the Pikachu SM04 Promo card, it doesn't have its normal Pokedex entry but rather it says;

    Now, as much as I love me some Pikachu abuse and the general exploitation of creatures for money, I can't help but think these Pikachu just agreed to do such a thing. Human consume a ton of power and they would need like thousand of Pikachu to keep the plant running and based on how we treat animals in the real world, we know these Pikachu wouldn't get the best of treatment since they are cheaper the price of a Potion. If one dies, you just replace it but then again, this is the region that lets people fly around on Charizard in a place that has tropical storms.

    I wonder if their government is secretly dealing with Team Rocket since the exploitation of Pokemon for profit is their MO. I don't know about you though but Team Rocket did sell me a power system involving Pikachu to power my house and I haven't looked back since. They even send me new Pikachu if one dies. Sure it cost money to do it but its been a lot cheaper than what I use to pay.
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    I like the power plant idea, as long as the power plant treats them well, unlike this one:
    Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 9.43.21 PM.png

    Then there is this one from the animated series:

    This one might be the basis of the idea for the power plant:
    When several of these POKéMON gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms.

    Hopefully we can get Free Range Pikachu electricity. :)
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    Those are example but we all know what Humans do to animals. These Pikachu would need breaks and would need to rest. I wonder how clean such an area would be and not to mention the food needed for them. They would need to eat a lot to keep up with energy demands. I wonder if they even thought this through...
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    And there are Pokémon who would make much better candidates for this sort of thing, such as Electivire.
  5. Okay an oddly bizarre conversation for Pokémon. So let's point something out here. In the real world, Pokémon would be dangerous animals. They have control over one or more elemental attacks that could injure, kill and destroy. Our guns are nothing if the skin is as strong as steel, or if psychic powers stop the bullets, or if you know they're ghosts. Tanks don't matter when they can be taken out by an Earthquake or Draco Meteor. Planes don't matter a large Thunder attack or a Blizzard can bring them down. Yes in a war we'd do a lot of damage, but we would likely lose.

    With that in mind if a bunch of Pikachu's didn't like their working conditions in a game where there are no guns, planes, and tanks then they can easily choose to rebel if they don't like their working conditions. Only ground types could really stop them and that might be counterproductive to the concept of a power plant.

    Oh and that poor Pikachu in the capsule, good thing Samus came to the rescue.
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    The Pokemon has those things and one could assume that the humans are just as durable as the Pokemon.
  7. Granted Ash has take a lot of thundershocks and stuff throughout his time with Pikachu. Still, I think when all is said and done if Pokémon wanted to eliminate the human race they could. They can easily stand up for themselves. Besides there is also the thought that with some exceptions (such as the evil teams, Hunter J) that people in the Pokémon world are far less cruel than those in reality.
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    Is this a troll thread?
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    Nope, that is actually on the Pikachu card. Considering how eco friendly Pokemon is, its super odd that lore would even suggest this. Considering how "human-like" Pokemon are, this just comes across as cruel.
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    I'm asking because this seems like a very odd question.

    It's been long established that Pokemon help humans and do so willingly. Most Pokemon are happy to help humans so I don't see their lack of cooperation being an issue. Next, we don't know how many Pikachu it would take to power this facility; "many" could mean like 20-30 or it could mean three thousand. We don't know and there's no way to know because you can't just assume that the Pokemon universe and the real world are 1:1 in terms of energy consumption. And speaking of assumptions:

    You sound like some PETA lackey. Do you think everyone in the Pokemon world mistreats their Pokemon or something? Never mind that real-world comparisons don't really apply to the Pokemon world because nothing is the same. What's the exchange rate from Poke Dollars to USD? Is being a Pokemon Trainer a paying profession? Why is there a generic police force that consists of a billion Jenny clones but no national army? Why is it that children are not only holding their own and defeating people several times their age and experience in battle, but constantly saving everyone's asses from whatever doomsday plot the evil team is thinking up? Why doesn't the Elite Four do something? They're among the strongest trainers the land has to offer, and they have to let some scrub kid from some backwater town handle everything? And speaking of letting kids do everything, what's the age of consent? What are the laws on Pokemon-human relationships? Pokemon are sentient creatures, can express consent, and can clearly make informed decisions, so where do you draw the line? Does the Pokemon universe even draw one? You don't know, you can't know, and there is no way to know. Stop making comparisons to the real world, most of them don't apply.

    This is why I asked if this is a troll thread. You talk about Pikachu being abused even though the overwhelming majority of people in the Pokemon world don't do it and then joke about Team Rocket selling you a Pikachu to power your house, talking about how they send you one if it dies, like seriously how is it gonna die anyway are you just not gonna feed it or something? This isn't even a legitimate business because literally anyone with an Electric-type Pokemon can do this without the horror mistreatment stories.
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    I see. I don't like missing a chance to tell a joke because for a comic series I'm making, I power my huge house using Pikachu who power a system that Team Rocket sold me but even there it was just a joke since that series wasn't supposed to take anything serious. I realize that most people in the Pokemon world don't treat their Pokemon badly but guess what, most people in the real world don't treat their animals badly either. Animals used in the service of millions or billions tend to not be treated well at all, which is why PETA is so active. Also, I don't suppore PETA but I agree with their general idea but good luck trying to to convince someone to actually treat animals right that are going to get eaten anyway. The main factor has always been money so the better their lives, the more expensive running the service will be which means the end-user pays more, almost two or three times more.

    The Pokemon world is a lot different than our world, yes but we can draw some conclusions. One thing their technology is much more advanced than our will living in what seems to be a world designed to be much like ours. At the end of the day, this thread was just to be for fun. Even official lore referenced real world object and animals.

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