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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Vom, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Vom Shocking Puns

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    Heh, I used to be on the other end of these help threads. Guess everything turns around, eh?

    I last played during ReshiZard's glory days, right around when MewMew was released. I tried to keep up a bit since, but without the proper time investment it just wasn't possible. So, I have a few questions:
    • What are some top decks/strategies now? From what I understand, big OHKOs aren't the name of the game anymore...that about concludes my understanding of the metagame.
    • New staples? With the rotation taking out most/all searching balls, what do people do? How do you get to your key cards?
    • What's the pace? Are Evolutions viable? What Pokémon/attacks/anything is considered slow? What's the Energy cost/damage relation now? I see stuff doing 130 for two Energy but have no idea how good/bad that is.
    • I'm a little embarrassed to ask this, buuut...How does V Max work? From what I gather, it's like a regular evolution, but I just want to make sure there are no special restrictions or anything.
    Obviously I don't expect anybody to answer literally everything in here, but really anything helps! :)

  2. DashKing Aspiring Trainer


    In general,
    • ADP Zacian V is the strongest deck in the format by far.
    • Mill has a much larger impact on the meta than during early 2020 formats (because of Cincinno SHSW)
    • The current search cards are Quick Ball (for all decks), Electromagnetic Radar (for Electric decks) and Mysterious Treasure (for Psychic Decks)
    • The major staples seem to be TEU Jirachi, Dedenne GX, and Eldegross V (from Rebel Clash)
    • The pace of the game is about 200 damage a turn for about 2-3 energy. The top decks (ADP Zacian, Baby Blacephalon) can frequently hit for about 250 after modifiers.
    • Evolutions beyond VMAXs seem largely non-viable in most cases.
    • You're right about VMAX, they just act as an evolution for V Pokemon. One of the major differences between V and VMAX are that VMAX cards give up 3 prizes while V cards give up 2.
    That should be most of the changes between the MewMew days and today. The best snapshot of the meta currently is probably the Limitless Invitationals which are occurring over the next couple weeks.
  3. Vom Shocking Puns

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    Hey, thanks for your response! It's really helpful in grasping the format. I just don't understand how Cinccino works, assuming it's Make Do Cinccino. I guess you can discard the mill Supporter and get it back with Eldegoss to draw for free, but how do you keep using the same Supporter every turn? I guess there might be another mill source but I don't see Cinccino having obvious synergy.
  4. DashKing Aspiring Trainer


    The deck is known as Doll Stall and looks like this:

    I can't really help on how the deck works (I don't usually play stall) but from what I can understand, the deck is similar to the Zoroark GX control deck from a couple of years ago.
  5. Vom Shocking Puns

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    Oh, right. Thanks for all your help. :)
  6. DashKing Aspiring Trainer


    No worries :)

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