Help Repack Booster Box?


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So my kid and I are fairly new to collecting Pokemon cards. We've opened two battle style booster boxes and various booster packs. We purchased a Darkness Ablaze booster box off Amazon and I'm not sure if this was a repack or not. Outer seal on the box seamed normal and I couldn't identify anything on the boosters that looked opened. Few things make me skeptical but curious others take on this.

1) Pulls don't seem to great, although I'm sure this is subjective and luck always varies.


2) Received two types of online code card prints. Didn't experience this in our other booster boxes., they were usually the same throughout. Is this normal?


3) Every online code card had some sorta like indention on it, couple that were pretty bad like someone pushed their finger on it.


4) Lastly this could be something we aren't aware of but the back of the booster packages show UK CA on them, other boosters I have that we got from target/walmart don't have this.


5) I can't remember but I believe at least one pack had a card that was facing backwards.


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It looks like you did purchase a legitimate booster box. To address each of your points:
1. Those pulls look about average for a given booster box. About 8 or so Ultra Rares total, 1-2 being Full Arts, and a Secret Rare.
2. You should always expect to see the 2 different types of Code Cards. They've been doing that since BREAKPoint, as I believe it makes it more difficult to weigh packs. I would actually be far more skeptical of a booster box that didn't have the 2 different types of Code Cards. You should see the Green and White code cards in any pack with a Holo/Ultra/Secret Rare, and the solid green codes in packs that just had a rare.
3. If all the Code Cards had those dents, it's possible that it was just a packaging error, or damage from how the packs were opened. However, if the packs looked like they had been partially opened, there is the chance that someone tampered with them. That being said, if the booster box had the Pokemon Brand shrink wrap, they're probably fine.
4. I'd have to check, but the address on the UK/CA packs looks like the correct address for TCPi in Ireland. It's entirely possible that you purchased a box meant for distribution in the UK. As long as they're all English cards, they should be fine for use.
5. Backwards cards happen sometimes. It's not super common, but it does happen.

As I mentioned, chances are you purchased a legitimate box. I would, however, double check that the cards are real, just in case. And another piece of advice: be careful when buying cards off of Amazon. There's a chance that you'll get something that's been tampered with or returned, or you might end up with an illegitimate product. More often than not, Local Game Stores are better places to pick things up. If you don't have an LGS nearby, Walmart/Target (assuming you're in the US) or local equivalent work fine.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Good to know! Ideally I'd love to buy local but most of the shops around here don't have any booster boxes and typically up charge pretty high. Never seen walmart/target sell a full booster box and doubt they'd even let you buy them now with 2 pack limit.