'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!


Aspiring Trainer
I feel like this is a really missed opportunity to include the Kanto trio tag team as a card. I know the TPC come up with unique combos but really? This just seems so random.


Aspiring Trainer
Charizard has 2 tag teams now, there are so many other fire starters to combine instead of this. Would have preferred braixen and emboar.
I agree but with literally anything else besides Emboar :p

Same goes for the venasuar and snivy coming up too. Snivy is such a great pick tho.


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This is good news and healthy for the game. It's about time that Charizard finally get some love.


Candy girl
ANOTHER Charizard tag team???! o_O I mean will this card get to the states eventually? There’s a chance it might not? :rolleyes:


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Im pretty disappointed by the second tag team charizard but im not gonna let that dampen the news of a FA non-gx card. And it’s also armoured mewtwo. He’s never been released anywhere as an official release. Like we havnt fotten him in the games. So this will be the first time we can use him. Very exciting


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In my head-canon, the Charizard in this card got tired of being so powerful and popular when teaming up with Reshiram, so it decided to take it easy and go with Braixen for a change.

Not the decision I would've made, Charizard, but you do you...


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The Mewtwo card we like but not cliché like Gen 1 lovers deserved. Why give a flying fudge to the fat salamander when Mewtwo has actually looked appealing to an Alakazam fan like me.


Top Hat Regulator
Charizard is basically the Blue-Eyes White Dragon of Pokémon, of course it'd get ANOTHER GX card.

Actually, the fourth Charizard GX (anger!) isn’t so bad.
This is the fifth actually.
- Charizard GX (Burning Shadows)
- Reshiram & Charizard GX (Unbroken Bonds)
- Charizard GX (Detective Pikachu)
- Charizard GX (that Family set)


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Well this could be the new control deck after rotation. It's a lot more aggressive than other control decks too...the extra 180 pressure each turn is really good. However, Welder + 1 regular attachment isn't enough to power it up, unfortunately.


Still waiting for a shiny gastly card.
Everyone is talking about charizard but I'm just in love with the armored mewtwo card,this is what i always wanted and its finally happening. I love new armor design


Guzzlord is fun
Braixizard is good now.
Very, very, very good.
180+search for ANY three cards.
With a total desperation GX attack if you don't get set up.
Sounds good to me.
It WILL be expensive, though.