Remember: Pokemon Solitare.

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You might be thinking of a Solitare version of pokemon. Wrong. Well, you're kinda right. In a pokemon magezine, it showed you how to play it. But the pokemon trading card game player's guide that I have shows you a different variation. It helps your deck, and it can show your deck's weaknesses and advantages. However, I revamped it so it matches the card of today. Well, here are the rules to this game!

What you need to play.
1 pokemon deck.
1 coin or die
damage counters
a solitare deck

How to make a solitare deck.

Your solitare deck will be the deck that you face. It must have 25 pokemon in it. You need 10 basics, 5 stage 1's, and 5 stage 2's. The other 5 can go anywhere you want. Now, split the deck to a basic pile and an evolved pile. Then, shuffle your 2 piles. You're ready to start the game!

Start by making the piles a side on the coin: heads and tails. (ex: basic pile, heads. evo pile, tails.) Then, flip the coin to decide what pile you draw from. This will be your opponent's active pokemon. Play as usual, but don't set any prizes. However, this is how the defending pokemon's turn goes.

The pokemon gets an energy of its type. Like if the defending pokemon is a psychic type, it gets a psychic energy. If a pokemon is dual typed, the energy will count as both of the pokemon's types. If a pokemon has a type and has attacks requiring energy different than it's type, the energy counts as each of the different energy symbols on the pokemon's attacks. When a pokemon can attack, it will always use the attack that does the most damage. For example, the first dewgong with energy on it will use aurora beam. That dewgong with 4 energy on it won't use ice beam. It will use aurora beam. Now for some extras....

The Die of Fun!

This is for challenges. Before each of your turns, you roll a die. The results of the roll are listed.

1: Roll again.
2: Remove an energy from one of your pokemon.
3: Remove 2 damage counters from the defending pokemon.
4: Attach another energy to the defending pokemon.
5: The defending pokemon can't be damaged this turn.
6: Remove all status effects from the defending pokemon.

Some Additional Rules for Challenges...
-If your hand becomes larger than 30 cards, you lose.
-If the defending pokemon somehow gets 20 energy attached to it, you lose.

When you knock out all 25 pokemon, you win. Please rate this.


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I have heard of it but never played it though.:)


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RE:  Remember: Pokemon Solitare.

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What do you want to change your vote to? I'll alter the poll if you tell me what you were supposed to put.

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