Regional Championship effect on card prices so far...


Truth or Ideals? It's all Black and White to me
Coming out of this weekend, my daily TCGplayer check of card prices turned out some wacky results.
  • Trevenant XY is near 10 dollars. Granted, this is expected from the performance during the Orlando stream (and the already low supply), and the feasible item lock in a format of sableye. However, its appearance on the stream proved how easily the lock could be countered (In one of the most hilarious matchups ever) - shaymin cycling. It just feels so bad when we have two 10 dollar holo cards floating around. :(
  • Ho-oh EX is in the 4-5 dollar price range. This was trending previously around 4 or less, but why the increase? There have been 0 results with it and an increasing supply.
  • Greninja BREAK is 7 dollars. Although it was the priciest of all the BREAKs, it only saw one tournament result. It trended before around 5 dollars... why a two dollar price rise? Why isn't Trevenant BREAK more expensive with it's greater popularity?
  • Octillery is 5-6 dollars now. Why? In a format where it's too slow to set up, that being the expanded format, where is the growing demand from this card coming from? Early States testing? Why is this twice the price of the much more used Gallade BKT holo?
  • Float stone is growing up to the dollar range. This is expected for such a useful card (although once already printed), but still, if you don't have a playset, Buy one from TheGameAcademy on TCGPlayer for 2 bucks
  • The same can be said for Trainers' mail
  • Typlosion BKT. This card.... The most fun gimmick on PTCGO - it's now a buck (or more) per copy. It's no longer a 50 cent bulk item, but it's starting to grow a basis of popularity. It has seen no tournament results, but I imagine it's popular among the new players.
If you have anything to add, please do!